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co-op 1

US District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Boston

Rakhi wrote bench memoranda for civil and criminal matters, including habeas corpus petitions, breaches of contract and maritime issues.

co-op 2

Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi, India

Rakhi conducted investigations and drafted petitions and memoranda concerning domestic violence legal issues in India.


Public Health

Working with the law school’s Public Health Advocacy Institute, Rakhi explored public health law and the use of litigation to effect changes in public health policy.


  • Corporations
  • Balancing Liberty and Security
  • International Law
  • Criminal Trial Practice
  • Evidence
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Employment Discrimination and Section 1983 Litigation

co-op 3

California Fair Employment and Housing Commission, San Francisco

Rakhi researched and wrote memoranda on complicated employment and housing discrimination cases.


National Trial Competition

Co-op 4

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, District Court Division, Boston

Rakhi was part of a fast-paced legal office that handles 50,000 criminal cases each year.

After graduation

Rapporteur and Post-JD Fellow, Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy


Assistant District Attorney, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Boston


A prosecutor who understands both sides of the story.