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Co-op 1

Law Office of Jim Goetz, Bozeman, Montana

On her first co-op, Justice Fabe worked on cases involving environmental law, constitutional law and criminal defense. 

Co-op 2

Law Office of Timothy McCall, Louisville, Kentucky

Justice Fabe developed her second co-op, working on criminal defense matters in a murder case.

2L and 3L

Teaching Assistant

Justice Fabe twice served as a teaching assistant in the legal writing program and, during her third year of law school, assisted with Professor Steve Subrin’s first-year Civil Procedure course.

Co-op 3

Zalkind and Zalkind, Boston

On co-op with legendary defense attorney Norman Zalkind, Justice Fabe honed her skills in the fields of criminal defense and constitutional law.

Co-op 4

Hart, Leavitt & Hall, Honolulu

In Hawaii, Justice Fabe focused on complex criminal defense and civil rights litigation.

After graduation

Clerk, Supreme Court of Alaska, Anchorage

After her clerkship, Justice Fabe served as a staff attorney for the Alaska Public Defender Agency and was tapped in 1981 to be chief public defender for the state. She was appointed to the superior court bench in 1988, and has served the state judiciary ever since.

Career Highlights

Chief Public Defender, State of Alaska, Anchorage

Prior to her appointment to the Alaska Supreme Court in 1996, Justice Fabe headed the Alaska Public Defender Agency. She is both the first woman to be appointed to Alaska’s highest court, and the court’s first female chief justice.


Justice, Supreme Court of Alaska, Anchorage (retired)


A distinguished member of both the trial and appellate bench who has earned national acclaim for her leadership as chief justice.