Talk to a current student! The best way to learn about being a student at Northeastern University School of Law is to talk to someone who is already walking the walk. Our Student Ambassadors are happy to answer your questions about life at Northeastern.

C. Benjamin Brooks '16

Hometown: St. Simons Island, GA
Undergraduate College: Berry College
Undergraduate Majors: Biochemistry (BS), Sociology (BA)
Areas of Legal Interest: International Law, Public Health Law, Health Law
NUSL Activities: National Lawyers Guild, Student Bar Association, Queer Caucus
Hobbies: Reading for pleasure, Cooking, Baking, Haitian Language Group, going to museums.
My favorite thing about NUSL is...: no grades! Because we have no grades, we don't compete for places on an imaginary curve. Everyone is cooperative and sharing is a common practice. It makes everything much more fun and relaxed than I expected.

Andrew J. Collins ’16

Hometown: Gepp, AR
Undergraduate College: Tufts University
Undergraduate Major: History
Areas of Legal Interest: Business, Corporate, Business and Community Development
NUSL Activities: Business Interests Group (BIG), Queer Caucus
Hobbies: Cooking, Running
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the access to practical experience, the professors, and the location

Jonathan Culpepper ’16

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate College: Howard University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Civil Rights Law, Business Law
NUSL Activities: Chair of Black Law Student Association (BLSA), Intramural Basketball
Hobbies: Playing Basketball; Mentoring/Training High School Athletes in Basketball, Baseball, and Football; Reading; Spending time with family
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the Experiential Learning/Co-op program. It provides an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience, and expand your network by working with four different employers.

Cary Dube ’16

Hometown: Burlington, VT Undergraduate College: University of Vermont
Undergraduate Major: Environmental Studies/Psychology
Areas of Legal Interest: Environmental Law
NUSL Activities: Academic and Student Life Committee Member for the Student Bar Association Northeastern Environmental Law Society
Hobbies: Watching hockey and heading over to the TD Garden whenever I can.
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the cooperative nature that is whole-heartedly embraced here. Everyone is always willing to help as best they can.

Marsophia Ducheine ’16

Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Undergraduate College: Suffolk University
Undergraduate Major: Sociology; Paralegal Studies
Areas of Legal Interest: Immigration, Criminal Law
NUSL Activities: Black Law Student Association (BLSA)
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Painting, Running
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: having the space in the classroom to talk about how the law impacts people of color, poor people, women, and noncitizens.  

Rachel Johnston '15

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon
Undergraduate College: Portland State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science and Chinese
Areas of Legal Interest: Constitutional Law, International Law NUSL
Activities: International Law Society, Co-Chair - Scardozo Society
Co-op(s): Bubalo, Sales, Goode, and Bliss
Hobbies: gardening, hiking, wine tasting, traveling abroad

Jason McGraw '15

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Undergraduate College: Salisbury University (Salisbury, MD)
Undergraduate Major: History
Graduate University: Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
Graduate Degree/Area: M.S. in Higher Education Administration
Areas of Legal Interest: Corporate and Transactional Law; Commercial Litigation; Higher Education Law; Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution; Domestic Violence Prevention, Education, and Advocacy; and LGBT Legal Issues
Co-op(s): Judicial Intern at the Massachusetts Appeals Court
NUSL Activities: Queer Caucus and Student Bar Association
Hobbies: cooking, eating, running (because of all of the cooking and eating), generally being outdoors (fishing, hiking, and camping especially)

Brian Morrissey '15

Hometown: Quincy, Massachusetts
Undergraduate College: Tufts University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Health and Biotech Law, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Constitutional Law, Free Speech Issues
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, Federalist Society, Community Council, Health Law Society, IP Law Society
Hobbies: boxing, history, hip-hop, comedy

Fiza Najeeb ’16

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergraduate College: San Jose State University
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy, Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Civil Rights: Prison Industrial Complex/Prisoner's Rights, School-to-Prison Pipeline/Juvenile Justice; Issues of power-based violence especially in relation to the economic activity of Multi-National Corporations
NUSL Activities: National Lawyers Guild
Hobbies: Community organizing
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the commitment to social justice work