Talk to a current student! The best way to learn about being a student at Northeastern University School of Law is to talk to someone who is already walking the walk. Our Student Ambassadors are happy to answer your questions about life at Northeastern.

Ana Victoria Alvarado '17

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate College: Wesleyan University
Undergraduate Major: Latin American Studies (Spanish Literature focus) and Iberian Studies
Areas of Legal Interest: Labor and Employment Law, Criminal Law, Business Law
NUSL Activities: Legal Assistance to Victims (LAV) Project, Latin American Law Students Association, Black Law Students Association, Northeastern University Law Journal
Co-op(s): U.S. Attorney's Office, Civil Division (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: tennis, running, reading
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the community! I have developed great relationships with my professors and classmates. 

C. Benjamin Brooks '16 (JD/MPH)

Hometown: St. Simons Island, GA
Undergraduate College: Berry College
Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry (BS), Sociology (BA)
Areas of Legal Interest: International Law, Public Health Law, Health Law
NUSL Activities: National Lawyers Guild, Queer Caucus
Co-op(s): Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: reading for pleasure, cooking, baking, Haitian Language Group, going to museums.
My favorite thing about NUSL is...: no grades! Because we have no grades, we don't compete for places on an imaginary curve. Everyone is cooperative and sharing is a common practice. It makes everything much more fun and relaxed than I expected.

Andrew J. Collins ’16

Hometown: Gepp, AR
Undergraduate College: Tufts University
Undergraduate Major: History
Areas of Legal Interest: Corporate/Business Law, Real Estate
NUSL Activities: Northeastern University Law Journal, Admissions Tour Guide, Business Law Society
Co-op(s): Adler Pollock & Sheehan PC (Boston, MA); Root Capital, Inc. (Cambridge, MA), Goodwin Procter LLP (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: cooking, running, travel
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the collaborative environment and the direct legal work experience through the Co-op Program.

Megan Coneeny '17 (JD/MBA)

Hometown: Nashua, NH
Undergraduate College: Tulane University
Undergraduate Major: Legal Studies in Business
Areas of Legal Interest: Corporate law
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, 360 Huntington Fund
Co-op(s): Massachusetts Appeals Court (Boston, MA); JustiServe (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: reading, skiing, learning to cook
My favorite thing about NUSL is...: the wonderful opportunity to participate in the JD/MBA dual degree program.

Connor Crowley '18

Hometown: Milford, NH
Undergraduate College: University of Rochester
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy & Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Health Law, Constitutional Law
Hobbies: Reading, running, watching sports, playing video games (albeit rarely), binging on Netflix (too frequently)
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the supportive atmosphere around the campus. You can tell that everyone who works at NUSL cares about the students and wants them to succeed.

Jonathan Culpepper ’16

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate College: Howard University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Civil Rights Law, Business Law, Healthcare Fraud
NUSL Activities: Chair of Black Law Student Association (BLSA), Intramural Basketball
Co-op(s): U.S. Attorney's Office Civil Division (Boston, MA); U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Office of General Counsel (Boston, MA); Rady Children's Hospital and Health Center (San Diego, CA)
Hobbies: playing basketball; mentoring/training high school athletes in basketball, baseball, and football; reading; spending time with family
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the Experiential Learning/Co-op program. It provides an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience, and expand your network by working with four different employers.

Cary Dube ’16 (JD/MELP in Environmental Law)

Hometown: Burlington, VT
Undergraduate College: University of Vermont
Undergraduate Major: Environmental Studies/Psychology
Areas of Legal Interest: Environmental Law
NUSL Activities: Northeastern Environmental Law Society
Co-op(s): Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, Environmental Protection Division (Boston, MA); Massachusetts Land Court (Boston, MA); Conservation Law Foundation, Vermont Division (Fall 2015)
Hobbies: watching hockey and heading over to the TD Garden whenever I can
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the cooperative nature that is whole-heartedly embraced here. Everyone is always willing to help as best they can.

Marsophia Ducheine ’16

Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Undergraduate College: Suffolk University
Undergraduate Major: Sociology; Paralegal Studies
Areas of Legal Interest: Immigration, Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice
NUSL Activities: Black Law Student Association (BLSA)
Co-op(s): Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (Washington, DC), Federal Defender Office (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: reading, writing, painting, running
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: having the space in the classroom to talk about how the law impacts people of color, poor people, women, and noncitizens.  

Molli Freeman-Lynde '16

Hometown: Athens, GA
Undergraduate College: Middlebury College
Undergraduate Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Areas of Legal Interest: Immigration, Criminal Defense, LGBTQ rights
NUSL Activities: Queer Caucus, Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, Appointments Committee, Admissions Committee, Hard Conversations Planning Team
Co-op(s): Masferrer & Associates (Boston, MA); Joyce & Associates (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: baking, running, Unitarian Universalism, cuddling with my dog
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: caring, committed professors and studying in a low(er) stress, collaborative environment.

Zachary Heath '17

Hometown: Winchester, MA
Undergraduate College: Vanderbilt University
Undergraduate Major: Classical Languages
Graduate University: Southern Connecticut State University
Graduate Degree/Area: Education
Areas of Legal Interest: Education Law, Commercial Law
NUSL Activities: Higg-Lew Leaders, Admissions Committee, Lawyering Fellow for Legal Skills & Social Context
Co-op(s): Middlesex Superior Court (Woburn, MA) & Norfolk Superior Court (Dedham, MA)
Hobbies: sports, music, tutoring
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the professors, a passionate group, are dedicated to teaching students above all else.

Tiffany Kwong  '16

Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Undergraduate College: Queens College, City University of New York
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Intellectual Property, Business Law
NUSL Activities: Intellectual Property Society (IPS), Northeastern University Law Journal, Student Bar Association, and Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)
Co-op(s): Northeastern University, Center for Research Innovation/Office of the University Counsel (Boston, MA); Seth Salinger, Attorney at Law (Newton, MA); United States District Court of Massachusetts (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: baking, trying out new restaurants, and going to museums
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: Experiential Learning/Co-op Program. It gives me an opportunity to explore my areas of practice and network with lawyers.

Cory Lamz '17 (JD/MS in Music Industry Leadership)

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Undergraduate College: University of Denver
Undergraduate Major: Journalism; Digital Media Studies; Marketing
Graduate University: Northeastern University College of Arts, Media and Design
Graduate Degree/Area: M.S. in Music Industry Leadership
Areas of Legal Interest: the intersections among creativity, innovation, and the law, including licensing, software and app development; branding; First Amendment rights; national and international copyright issues; using the Internet to forge opportunities; e-commerce – particularly with virtual currencies, like bitcoin; disruptive technologies
NUSL Activities: Northeastern University Law Journal, Student Bar Association, Entertainment and Sports Law Society, Property Law teaching assistant, Criminal Law and Procedure teaching assistant, Go Green Sustainability Committee
Co-op(s): Duane Morris LLP (Boston, MA); Massachusetts Appeals Court (Boston, MA); Autodesk, Inc. (San Rafael, CA)
Hobbies: water-skiing, going to concerts, building the perfect playlist, and running
My favorite thing about NUSL is...: the community! And the opportunities to be successful.

Misha Leister '18

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate College: Suffolk University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science Minor in Applied Legal Studies
Areas of Legal Interest: Contracts and Entertainment Law
NUSL Activities: Sports and Entertainment Law Society
Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Film, Dancing, Astronomy
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the cooperative nature of the students and the faculty of NUSL! 

Fiza Najeeb ’16

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergraduate College: San Jose State University
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy, Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Civil Rights: Prison Industrial Complex/Prisoner's Rights, School-to-Prison Pipeline/Juvenile Justice; Issues of power-based violence especially in relation to the economic activity of Multi-National Corporations
NUSL Activities: National Lawyers Guild
Co-op(s): Greater Boston Legal Services, Employment Unit (Boston, MA); Prisoners Legal Services (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: community organizing
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the commitment to social justice work.

Sarah Palmer ’17

Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL
Undergraduate College: University of Florida
Undergraduate Major: Political Science, Anthropology
Graduate University: Notre Dame of Maryland University
Graduate Degree/Area: M.A. in Leadership in Teaching
Areas of Legal Interest: Corporate Law, Contracts, Tax, Intellectual Property
NUSL Activities: Public Interest Legal Scholars Committee, Student Bar Association, Northeastern University Law Journal, Research Assistant for Legal Research & Writing, Teaching Assistant for the Community Business Clinic, Teaching Assistant for Contracts
Co-op(s): Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (Fall 2015)
Hobbies: traveling, cooking, hiking, Netflix
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the other students! I love the collaborative environment of NUSL and find it extremely conducive to legal education.

J.D. Parker-O'Grady ’17

Hometown: Westhampton, MA
Undergraduate College: Saint Michael's College
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Graduate University: Northeastern University
Graduate Degree/Area: M.S. in Law and Public Policy
Areas of Legal Interest: Legislation, Intellectual Policy
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, Intellectual Property Society
Co-op(s): Massachusetts State Senate (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: drumming, walking my dogs
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the opportunity offered by co-ops to try new things and gain legal experience.

Russell Paul '18

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Undergraduate College: University of Connecticut
Undergraduate Major: History with a concentration in Indian History
Areas of Legal Interest: Constitutional Law, Education, Law and Economic Development
Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, and taking care of rebellious yet lovable rescue dog named Elvis
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: The welcoming and inclusive environment.

Gabby Rosenblum '17

Hometown: Glenmont, NY
Undergraduate College: Penn State University
Undergraduate Major: Comparative Literature, Spanish, Global and International Studies
Areas of Legal Interest: Criminal Law and Family Law
NUSL Activities: Northeastern University Law Journal, Jewish Law Students Association, and Student Bar Association
Co-op(s): Committee for Public Counsel Services, Children and Family Law Division (Fall 2015)
Hobbies: exploring Boston, watching football, running
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the approach to legal education. The LSSC program has shown me how the skills that I learn here will be applied in a legal career. From the first week as a 1L, you are given the opportunity to experience being a lawyer.

Karim Sabbidine '17

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Undergraduate College: Northeastern University
Undergraduate Major: Finance & Marketing
Areas of Legal Interest: Securities, Banking, and Entertainment Law
NUSL Activities: Intramural Basketball & Volleyball, Student Bar Association
Co-op(s): Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: cooking, independent films, anything extreme sports
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: the professors and full year of legal experience!!!

Jamie Upham '17

Hometown: Piketon, OH / Austin, TX
Undergraduate College: University of Texas at Austin
Undergraduate Major: English, Government
Areas of Legal Interest: Criminal Law/Public Defense, Poverty Law, Prisoners' Rights
NUSL Activities: Higg-Lew Leaders, Phi Alpha Delta, NUSL Softball team, Mediation Team, Northeastern Environmental Law Society
Co-op(s): New England Innocence Project (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: intramural sports, exploring Boston, walking my dog, Zumba
My favorite thing about NUSL is…: everyone works together in class (and outside of class) to make sure that we all understand and do well-and that includes the professors. NUSL truly is a cooperative learning environment. We also all try do fun things to offset the challenge of law school.