Read Now!  Winter 2016 | Vol. 15, No. 1


Mind the Gap
Northeastern attorneys tackle troubling disparities in public education.
By Dick Dahl

Warning: Difficult Speech Ahead
When it comes to the national debate over trigger warnings, faculty and students have something to say.
By Kathleen Burge

Dying to Get High
As opioid addiction claims tens of thousands of American lives, graduates and faculty propose new tools to curb the epidemic.
By Elaine McArdle


On the House | Maura King Scully
At Dentons, A Firm Commitment 

Class Actions | Kathleen Dooher
Carol Ball ’76 Looking Back, Stepping Forward 28

Co-op Matters | Deborah Feldman
Geneva — Juliana Shulman ’17, Lansing — Eaghan Davis ’17, Boston — Deepa Desai ’16

Adjourn | Professor Martha Davis
Of Flu Shots and Fika


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