Read Now!  Summer 2017 | Vol. 16, No. 2


Redrawing the Rules
When design thinking meets the rule of law, the results could be a better way forward.
By Jeri Zeder

Designing Law’s Future
Apps, games and more: NuLawLab boldly goes where the legal profession has never been before.
By Andrew Faught

On the Front Lines
Northeastern law graduates push back, fighting to stem the anti-immigrant tide.
By Linda Himelstein

Climactic Coup
Josh Kratka ’84 led a small team that took on ExxonMobil — and won.
By Tracey Palmer


On the House | Maura King Scully
On a Mission

Adjourn | Benjamin Colten ’09
Courting Compassion


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Co-op Matters | Maura King Scully
Sacramento — Kyleen Burke ’18, Chapel Hill — Anthony Alexander ’17, Canton — Kara Grogan ’18

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