Read Now!  Summer 2014 | Vol. 13, No. 2


Beyond Open and Shut
New scientific discoveries open doors to thousands more cases for innocence projects. By Elaine McArdle

Baby, Don't Go 
The Hague Conference considers regulating international surrogacy. By Maura King Scully

First Ammendement Tug-of-War
How activists on opposite sides of the abortion debate are using free speech to advance their positions. By Jeri Zeder

Oh, The Places You'll Go
Northeastern graduates pave the way with Legal OnRamp. By Deborah Feldman


Unlocking the Potential of a Lifesaving Tool
To combat drug overdose, the FDA must move quickly to make naxolone available over-the-counter. 

Taking a Byte out of Privacy
TRENDS | Mark Sheehy
High-profile security breaches have companies - and individuals - rethinking data protection.  

A Fond Farewell
AT LAST | Randi Friedman '85 and Valerie Kapilow 
Following their own advice, long-time career advisors seek new journeys. 


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