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News 2018

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  • Immigration and Health Care Under the Trump Administration

    "The Justice Department’s continuing refusal to permit immigrant women in custody to undergo abortions suggests that immigration has become the next battlefield in the war over reproductive rights," writes Professor Wendy Parmet in a blog for Health Affairs. (more)

  • The (Legal) Case Against Bidding Wars Like Amazon's

    “The politics of this are kind of bizarre,” Professor Peter Enrich tells CITYLAB. “The business community has every interest in their ability to get the states to compete against one another, and the voices of state government leadership have tended to like to preserve their ability to engage in this competition.” (more)

  • Bad Teacher: The Developing Legal Standard In Massachusetts For Teacher-On-Student Harassment

    In an article for the NU Law Review's online forum, Michael Stefanilo Jr. ’12 provides an analysis of recent legal developments under the Commonwealth's anti-sexual harassment statute. (more)

  • Upcoming Author Events Featuring Professor Michael Meltsner

    Professor Michael Meltsner will read from his new book, With Passion: An Activist Lawyer’s Life, recently published by the Twelve Tables Press, at two author events this month: (more)

  • The Opioid Crisis is Blurring the Legal Lines Between Victim and Perpetrator

    “The opioid crisis, first and foremost, is an indictment of decades of failed drug policy,” Professor Leo Beletsky tells SLATE. (more)

  • Chuck Johnson's Twitter Free Speech Suit Is Probably DOA

    Professor Woodrow Hartzog comments for WIRED on the legal principal known as "promissory estoppel" and its applications with regard to social media. (more)

  • Brown '18 Awarded 2017 Irving K. Zola Award

    Lydia X.Z. Brown ’18 has been awarded the 2017 Irving K. Zola Award for Emerging Scholars in Disability Studies for their paper, "Legal Ableism, Interrupted: Developing Tort Law & Policy Alternatives to Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life Claims." (more)

  • Leonard ’18 Pens Article for NU Law Review's Online Forum

    In a post for the NU Law Review's online forum, Madison Leonard ’18 writes about bail sentencing in Massachusetts, three months after the SJC's ruling that judges must consider a defendant’s financial ability before setting a bail amount. (more)

  • Zak '82 Named President-elect of Agnes Scott College

    Congratulations to Lee Zak ’82 on being named president-elect of Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, an independent national liberal arts college for women. She will officially become the college’s ninth president on July 1, 2018. (more)

  • New Media Advocacy Master’s Program Will Equip Students to ‘Change the World’

    Dean Jeremy Paul tells Northeastern News: "We’re training people to be consummate communications directors in an environment where you’re not just talking about selling a product, but selling points of view, selling policy.” (more)

  • Federal Law Could Complicate The Path To Legalized Marijuana In Massachusetts

    Listen back: Professor Daniel Medwed joins WGBH’s Morning Edition to discuss a new federal policy that may have a big impact on marijuana. (more)

  • Forced Rehab Isn't the Solution

    Professor Leo Beletsky comments on Massachusetts’ addiction commitment law for TONIC. (more)

  • Brown ’18 Honored by the American Association of People with Disabilities

    Lydia X.Z. Brown ’18 has been honored by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) with a 2018 Paul G. Hearne Leadership Award. Lydia plans to use the award to establish a community/peer empowerment fund in partnership with the Autism Women’s Network to award micro-grants to autistic people of color seeking support for education, professional development, art, health and safety, and community organizing. (more)

  • High Stakes for Politics, SCOTUS in 2018

    News@Northeastern looks to Professors Martha Davis and Michael Meltsner for their expert opinions on some of the big stories and bright ideas primed to make headlines in 2018. (more)

  • Team Trump’s Audacious “Complicity” Claim for Nullifying Abortion Rights

    In an article for The Washington Spectator, Dorothy Samuels ’75 addresses the Trump administration's stance in the Jane Doe abortion case now known as Hargan v. Garza, (more)

  • And Justice For None: Inside Biggest Law Enforcement Scandal in Massachusetts History

    Professor Daniel Medwed comments on the Massachusetts drug lab scandal for Rolling Stone Magazine. (more)

  • Friday Classes Canceled, Administrative Offices Closed

    Classes will be canceled and administrative offices will be closed on Friday, January 5, at Northeastern’s Massachusetts campuses as the region weathers heavy snow, high winds, and coastal flooding from powerful Winter Storm Grayson. (more)

  • Northeastern University Launches New Graduate Degree in Media Advocacy

    To meet the challenges faced by communications professionals who must be both persuasive and legally savvy in the global, digital age, Northeastern University’s School of Law and College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) are launching a one-of-a-kind graduate program in Media Advocacy. (more)

  • To Address Opioid Crisis, Researchers Call for Focus on Root Causes of Suffering

    "There are a lot of major problems, health and otherwise, in America. The over-reliance on opioids is one symptom of that,” Professor Leo Beletsky tells Northeastern News. (more)