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Researching Case Law
Researching Statutes
International Legal Research
Administrative Law
Using a Citator and How to Update or Validate The Law
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Researching Practice and Procedure
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Library Handouts/Information
Using NUCat - NUSL's Library Catalog (ppt)
Resources For Learning Legal Research: Westlaw, Lexis & CALI (pdf)
Glossary of Legal Research Jargon (pdf)

Researching Case Law
Researching Case Law (ppt)
Map of Thirteen Federal Judicial Circuits (West Group)
Map of West Reporter system (West Group)
Researching Case Law (Flow Chart, Julien & Virginia Cornell Library, Vermont Law School)

Researching Statutes
Researching Statutes and Constitutions (ppt)
Researching Statutes Using the Books (Flow Chart, Julien & Virginia Cornell Library, Vermont Law School)
State Legislative History Guides on the Web
Federal Legislative History Tutorial
LLRX's Guide to State and Federal Legislative Research - A collection of links for state and federal legislation, including Federal Links, State Links, Blogs, Research Guides, Political Info Links, and Subscription Services

Administrative Law
Administrative Law Research (ppt)
Administrative Law Research Tutorial (Georgetown Law)

International Legal Research
Introduction to International Legal Research (pdf)
Introduction to International and Foreign Legal Research (pdf)
International Legal Research (ppt)
International Legal Research Tutorial (Duke Law)
Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet

Using a Citator and How to Update or Validate The Law
How to Shepardize (LexisNexis)
Is Your Case or Statute Good Law? Use KeyCite (Westlaw)
KeyCite Tour (Westlaw)
Shepards Citations Services (multimedia tutorial) (LexisNexis)
Using KeyCite in (Westlaw)

Using Secondary Sources
Secondary Sources: An Introduction (pdf)
Using Secondary Sources (Edward Bennett Williams Law Library, Georgetown University Law Center)

Legal Internet Searching
Selected Bibliography of Legal Internet Searching
Internet Legal Research Group
Legal Research on the Web Tutorial (Georgetown Law)

Researching Practice and Procedure
Civil Procedure: An Overview (LII, Cornell)
Legal Forms Bibliography

Introduction to Legal Citation (ppt)
Citing in Memos (ppt)
Guide to Legal Citation (NUSL)
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (Peter W. Martin, Cornell Law School)

Subject Guides
CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter (pdf)
Guide to Legal Citations (pdf)
How to Research Employers
Federal Legislative History

Human Rights  (pdf)
Children's Rights (pdf)
Employment Discrimination (pdf)
International Law  (pdf)
Self-Help Resources (pdf)
Contracts - Article 2 UCC Research Tips (pdf)

Other links
Legal Research and Writing Resources (NUSL)
"Get Real about Research and Writing", Student Lawyer, May 2004 (Vol. 32, No. 9).