Course Reserve on the 4th Floor of the Law Library has at Least One Copy of Each Required Textbook

As a service for students, the Law Library purchases at least one copy of each required textbook as a back-up for short periods of time. Since these backup textbooks are a shared resource, no individual student can expect to have access to a course textbook at will or rely on the Course Reserve copy rather than purchasing their own copy.

  • First Year Classes: two copies of each required text for every section up to six copies per text
  • Upper Level Classes: one copy of each required text for classes with enrollments up to thirty-four, increasing to two copies when the early enrollment in a particular class reaches thirty-five or more, and a third copy when enrollment reaches seventy or more

When Are Books Placed on Course Reserve?

Most books required for Course Reserve are already on the Course Reserve shelf from previous iterations of the course. Other required books are already in the general Law Library collection and are moved to the Course Reserve shelf. If we don’t already own the book, we will acquire textbooks from the NU Bookstore, generally before the quarter begins. Occasionally, a book may not be available until the second week of the quarter.

NEW: Starting Summer Quarter 2017, Faculty Will Be Notified By Email When Their Textbooks Are Available

Starting in the Summer Quarter 2017, Law Library Liaisons will notify faculty by email when their textbooks are available on the Course Reserve shelf and how many copies there are. We are hoping that this change will assist faculty and students in planning their reading for the first weeks of each quarter.

What Happens When Course Reserve Books Are “Missing?”

In a few cases every quarter, a book is reported “missing.” Most of the time, these books are simply in use. Very occasionally, a course reserve book is missing for an extended period of time. Most of these books eventually turn up. Currently, the Law Library policy is not to replace missing texts until the next time the class is taught.

To Give Feedback on Our Course Reserve Policy Please Write to

We are currently reviewing our Course Reserve policy. If you have any questions or comments, please contact with your feedback. We will fold your comments into our review process. Thanks for your input.