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Faculty Directory

Karl E. Klare

George J. and Kathleen Waters Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Law
Columbia University, BA 1967
Yale University, MA 1968
Harvard University, JD 1975
Office: 48 Cargill Hall
Mail: 400 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: (617) 373-3290
Fax: (617) 373-5056

Professor Klare focuses on labor and employment law and legal theory, fields in which he has written and lectured extensively. In 1993, he was named Matthews Distinguished University Professor, one of Northeastern’s highest honors. He has taught as a visitor at the universities of British Columbia, Michigan, Toronto and Cape Town, and held a senior Fulbright chair at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

During the 1960s, Professor Klare participated in the civil rights, antiwar and student movements. His activism and writing now focus on workplace issues and human rights. In recent years, he has worked on numerous projects with lawyers in South Africa. He was an active participant in the Critical Legal Studies movement, a founder of the International Network on Transformative Employment and Labor Law (INTELL) and is currently active in the International Social and Economic Rights Project (ISERP).

Fields of Expertise

  • Employment Law
  • Labor Law

Selected Works


Labour Law in an Era of Globalization: Transformative Practices & Possibilities (Oxford University Press, 2002) (ed., with Conaghan and Fischl)

The Unknown Dimension: European Marxism Since Lenin  [New York: Basic Books, Inc., 1972; Translations: Japanese (1973), Spanish (1974)] (with Howard)

Selected Articles

"Teaching Local 1330 - Reflections on Critical Legal Pedagogy," 7 Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left 58 (2011). 

"Concluding Reflections: Legal Activism After Poverty Has Been Declared Unconstitutional," 22 Stellenbosch Law Review 865 (2011).

“Transformative Constitutionalism and the Common & Customary Law,” 26 South African Journal on Human Rights 403 (2010) (with Dennis Davis)

“Legal Culture & Transformative Constitutionalism,” 14 South African Journal on Human Rights 146 (1998)

“Toward New Strategies for Low-Wage Workers,” 4 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal 245 (1995)

“Power/Dressing: Regulation of Employee Appearance,” 26 New England Law Review 1395 (1992)

“Legal Theory and Democratic Reconstruction: Reflections on 1989,” 25 University of British Columbia Law Review 69 (1991)

“Workplace Democracy & Market Reconstruction: An Agenda for Legal Reform,” 38 Catholic University Law Review 1 (1988)

“The Labor-Management Cooperation Debate: A Workplace Democracy Perspective,” 23 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 39 (1988)

“The Public/Private Distinction in Labor Law,” 130 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1358 (1982)

“Judicial Deradicalization of the Wagner Act and the Origins of Modern Legal Consciousness,” 62 Minnesota Law Review 265 (1978)

Selected Chapters

“Countervailing Workers’ Power As a Regulatory Strategy,” in Legal Regulation of the Employment Relation, Collins, Davies and Rideout, eds. Kluwer Law International (2000)