Professor Daynard is at the forefront of an international movement to establish the legal responsibility of the tobacco industry for tobacco-induced death, disease and disability. He is president of the law school's Public Health Advocacy Institute and chair of its Tobacco Products Liability Project. He is also an international leader in combating the obesity epidemic.

Professor Daynard has written or co-authored more than 80 articles. He teaches in the areas of public health law, strategic litigation and interdisciplinary studies. Professor Daynard has lectured about legal issues in the control of tobacco and obesity in 50 countries, and has chaired 25 national and international conferences on these subjects. He is frequently honored, most recently with the Dr. William Cahan Distinguished Professor Award of the Flight Attendants Medical Research Institute.

Professor Daynard has been the principal investigator in grants and contracts from the National Cancer Institute, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the American Legacy Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He is listed in Who's Who in American Law, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. Professor Daynard helped develop the concurrent degree program in Law and Public Policy, and teaches the introductory seminar in the field.

Fields of Expertise

  • Civil Liability
  • Consumer Protection
  • Health Law
  • Litigation
  • Products Liability
  • Public Health Law
  • Public Interest Advocacy
  • Torts

Selected Works

Selected Articles

  • "Attitudes towards Electronic Cigarettes Regulation in Indoor Workplaces and Selected Public and Private Places: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study," PLOS ONE (2014) (Co-authored)
  • “Beyond Cheeseburgers: The Impact of Commonsense Consumption Acts on Future Obesity-Related Lawsuits,” 68 Food and Drug Law Journal 229 (2013)
  • "How Smoking Became History: Looking Back to 2012," 21 Tobacco Control 289 (2012)
  • "How 'Implied Express Preemption' Happened, What It Means to Trial Lawyers, and Why It Matters," 65 N.Y.U. Annual Survey of American Law 101 (2010)
  • “Punishing Tobacco Industry Misconduct: The Case for Exceeding a Single Digit Ratio Between Punitive and Compensatory Damages” 67 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 1 (2006) (with Guardino)
  • “How Tobacco-Friendly Science Escapes Scrutiny in the Courtroom” (with Friedman and Banthin), 95 American Journal of Public Health (2005)
  • “Private Enforcement: Litigation as a Tool to Prevent Obesity (with Howard and Wilking), 25 Journal of Public Health Policy 65 (2004)
  • “Lessons from Tobacco Control for the Obesity Control Movement,” 24 Journal of Public Health Policy 291 (2003)
  • “Race, Poverty, and New Strategies to Control the Obesity Epidemic,”  Poverty & Race (May/June 2003) (with Robbins and Parmet)
  • “The New Public Health Litigation” (with Parmet), 12 Annual Review of Public Health 437 (January 2000)
  • “Accommodating Vulnerabilities to Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A Prism for Understanding the ADA,” 12 Journal of Law and Health 1 (1998) (with Parmet and Gottlieb)
  • “Blowing Smoke Out of the Workplace” (with Gottlieb), 32 Trial 24 (1996)
  • “Tobacco Products Liability Suits in Massachusetts - A Neglected Opportunity” (with Friedman), 1 Journal of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys 50 (January 1994)
  • “Filter Tips: More Ways to Smoke the Tobacco Companies Litigation,” 25 Washington Monthly (18 January 1993)

Selected Chapters

  • "Roles of Tobacco Litigation in Societal Change," in Tobacco: Science, Policy and Public Health, 2d ed., Peter Boyle et al., eds., Oxford University Press, 2010
  • “Tobacco use-related diseases” (et al), Law in Public Health Practice, 2d ed., Goodman et. al, eds., Oxford University Press, 2006 
  • “Controlling Cancer by Suing Tobacco Companies: The Potential for India in the Light of the US Experience,” Control of Tobacco-related Cancers and Other Diseases, International Symposium (Gupta, Hamner and Murti, eds. 1992)