Law students, under the supervision of clinical faculty and staff, devote 20 hours per week to providing legal services to non-citizen clients. Students are expected to interview, research, plan, investigate, write, counsel, negotiate and advocate for their clients. Students are exposed to cross-cultural legal practice and working with interpreters. The types of cases handled may include applications for asylum, U-visas, T-visas and other forms of relief. The skills students learn in this course are transferable to any civil or criminal practice after law school. Enrollment is limited, and preference will be given to students with relevant course or practical experience and fluency in Spanish. Students must take Immigration Law or Refugee and Asylum Law prior to taking the clinic.

Faculty Co-Directors

For more information, contact:

Professor Hemanth Gundavaram
(617) 373-6802

Professor Rachel Rosenbloom
(617) 373-3066