Tobin reflects on the law school application process.

“I was attracted to Northeastern largely because of its Co-op Program. ”

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Northeastern University School of Law

Career Counseling

At Northeastern, you’ll receive a great deal of personal attention and career guidance. Starting as early as your first year of law school, you will work with a professional development advisor in the Center for Cooperative Legal Education and Professional Advancement (CCOPA) to strategize about your co-op selections as they relate to career opportunities. Your advisor will help you set your career goals and chart a course to achieve them.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have had the opportunity to assess your skills and interests, refine your resume and fine-tune your interview and job search skills—and you’ll have tested those skills in four separate workplaces.

Through workshops and other targeted programs, we’ll expose you to the many exciting ways you can use your law degree. Whatever your future holds, you’ll be ready.