1) It is our policy to assist students and graduates of accredited law schools who are relocating and seeking legal employment in the Boston area provided their law school will reciprocate in kind. Reciprocity requests may be made to only one law school in the Boston area at a time.

2) An e-mail requesting reciprocity for a specific individual must be received from that individual’s law school Career Services Office before services will be provided. 

3) Once a reciprocity request is sent, students or graduates requesting reciprocity should contact the CCOPA Office to advise us when they wish to visit. Reciprocity is approved for a period of one month from the date of the first visit.

4) Services only include access to the CCOPA Resource Room; legal publications, directories and handouts.  Access to our job listings can only be obtained through the Intercollegiate Job Bank if student/graduate’s law school participates in this online newsletter exchange.

5) Students and graduates from other law schools cannot participate in the Northeastern or the Massachusetts Law School Consortium’s recruitment programs or job fairs.

6) No services will be provided from July through October during our On Campus Interview Program.