As a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law, you will join the network of our 6,000-plus graduates who are working across the globe as partners in prominent law firms; local, state and federal judges; professors at distinguished law schools; US attorneys and state attorneys general; and directors of legal aid offices, public defender programs and advocacy organizations throughout the nation and world. Our graduates work for some of the highest-profile clients in the country while others represent society’s least visible members.In fact, co-op experiences do more than prepare you for the job market — they often lead directly to a job offer. On average, almost 40 percent of Northeastern law students accept post-graduate employment offers with a former co-op employer.

All Northeastern law students receive extensive support in the job search process. During your first year of law school, you will be assigned to a Professional Development Advisor in the Center for Co-op and Professional Advancement (CCOPA). Your advisor will work with you throughout your three years of law school to design a professional development strategy that includes both co-op and post-graduate planning.  We’ll help you think creatively about your career and provide a wide range of services, including career counseling, informational programs and workshops, job fairs, job listings and more. Whether you plan a career in a Boston law firm or in an international human rights organization, we’ll provide ongoing support as you move through each stage of your job search.