Connections is NUSL’s largest annual networking event that the Office of Alumni/ae Relations hosts for current students.  The event's goal is to provide career guidance and professional development to our current 1L’s, 2L’s, and 3L’s. Graduates from all over New England are invited to attend and approximately 100 alumni/ae participate each year. These graduates serve as short-term advisers to approximately 200 students who attend each year.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Career paths and training programs available within a graduate’s area of specialization
  • Characteristics (and availability) of entry-level positions for law graduates
  • Specific skills required to excel in a particular field
  • Important issues for students to consider when seeking a summer position or first job
  • Important questions for students  to ask when interviewing for a job within your field

Additionally, Connections offers graduates an opportunity to network amongst top tier peers and many find the event helpful for their own practice. This conference is hosted by a major Boston-area law firm each year and offers visible sponsorship opportunities for NUSL graduates, co-op employers and community members. The 2015 event will be hosted by Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, 111 Huntington Avenue, Boston.