Merit-based Tuition Scholarships

The School of Law offers merit-based tuition awards to select admitted applicants. These decisions are made through a committee process and take into consideration factors such as leadership skills, years of work experience, academic achievements and overcoming adversity. Merit-based scholarships can only be applied to tuition.

Public Interest Law Scholarship

As one of the nation’s leading public interest law schools, we are committed to developing a community of intelligent, thoughtful and inspired lawyers. To this end, the law school and its graduates developed the Public Interest Law Scholarship (PILS) Program in 1999. Our most generous award program, this 100 percent tuition scholarship is granted to several admitted applicants each year. All prospective students who submit their applications by January 15, 2016, will automatically be considered for the Public Interest Law Scholarship. No additional application is required; however, applicants are encouraged to submit supplemental, optional materials if they would like to do so. For more information about the Public Interest Law Scholarship and its selection process, please explore the PILS web page

Peace Corps, City Year and Teach For America Scholarships

The goals of the Peace Corps, City Year and Teach For America are a natural match with the mission of the School of Law. Many alumni/ae from these organizations wish to pursue a law degree to advance social justice and make a difference in society. To support their continued efforts, the law school offers merit-based tuition scholarships. (The law school also waives the application fee for those applicants involved with these programs. Please contact the Office of Admissions at for more information.)

Northeastern University Law Grant

Northeastern University Law Grants (NULG) are tuition scholarships awarded to first-year students based on need. Recipients of this institutionally funded program are not required to repay this award. The Office of Financial Aid determines all NULG award decisions. To be eligible, you must be an admitted student and file a FAFSA.

Endowed Scholarships

A variety of modest need-based tuition scholarships are awarded annually to upper-level students; some of these scholarships have very specific eligibility criteria. The application process for these named scholarships is separate and distinct from the application for financial aid. More information on the endowed scholarship application process is available.

Outside Scholarships

Outside organizations offer limited scholarships for prospective and current law students. We encourage you to explore our list of outside scholarships.