If you are a waitlisted candidate, we appreciate your continued interest in attending Northeastern University School of Law. Please note that the waitlist process is an uncertain one; we do not know in advance each year if we will have the opportunity to admit students from our waitlist or how many students we may be able to admit.

That said, some waitlisted students are interested in learning if there is anything they can do to improve the likelihood they are admitted. Waitlisted candidates are welcome to submit letters or e-mails expressing their continued interest in NUSL. Similarly, waitlisted candidates who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate institution, for which there may be new grades available at the end of a term, are welcome to update us on any such transcript improvements. The Admissions Committee will also consider June LSAT scores for students on the waitlist. Please use your judgment to consider whether this new information would be helpful to the committee before submitting any additional information. 

 Here are a few general things to keep in mind regarding the waitlist process:

  • If and when we are able to extend an offer of admission to a waitlisted candidate, an admissions staff member contacts the admitted student directly. Those who are admitted from the waitlist typically have a limited window of time to respond to an offer of admission.
  • We are generally unable to offer institutional scholarship grant money to students admitted from the waitlist. Students admitted from the waitlist usually rely on loans.
  • We do not allow students admitted from the waitlist to defer entrance to the law school.
  • We do not rank our waitlist. Should we activate the waitlist, we will give every file consideration.
  • We do not interview or formally meet with waitlisted applicants.

If you are no longer interested in remaining on our waitlist, please fill out this form.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at lawadmissions@neu.edu or (617) 373-2395.