All financial aid funds flow through the student’s tuition account at the university. Once all charges for the term have been satisfied, any excess from financial aid funds can be released to the student. Students may request their excess funds through the MYNEU portal. Upon approval, the university’s Accounts Payable Office will generate a check to the student, generally within three business days. Checks are mailed to the student’s address if they have not completed a Direct Deposit Form.

Funds can not be released to a student any earlier than the first day of the quarter. As such, it is important that each student adequately prepares to meet their living expenses through at least the first week of each term.

Direct Deposit

In order for your funds to be direct deposited into your bank account you must complete the Refund Direct Deposit Authorization Form. You can do this by logging into your myneu account.  Under self service you will see a link called Refund Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  Please complete and submit the form.  You can also complete the form by using this link.  You will have to log into your account in order to do so.