Legal Analysis, the bar preparation course, is offered twice each year, during the winter and spring quarters, so that every third-year student can take the course in his or her last in-school quarter. The course is 10 weeks, and both the course and materials are free; one credit is given. It is intended to be an introductory and supplementary bar preparation course— to give students an idea of the preparation they must undertake to prepare for the bar exam. It is not intended to substitute for a commercial bar preparation course.

NUSL’s course is taught by an attorney who teaches in a commercial bar preparation course. All third-year students are urged to take it. For those who cannot, the winter quarter course is videotaped and the tapes are on reserve in the law library, together with a copy of the book used in the course. Students whose other classes conflict with the bar review course, or who were out on co-op, as well as students who just want to review the covered material again, are encouraged to review the tapes when they have time available.