We’re the Master of Laws program at Northeastern University School of Law. But please call us "NUSL” – with the emphasis on “New.”

We make it our business: new ideas, new methods, new initiatives, new rewards.

It’s what some call “innovation culture.” It’s what we call “co-op,” and it’s what keeps us moving. Forward.

At NUSL we combine innovative learning with innovative doing.

Taking what you’ve newly learned and putting it to work: That’s what co-op is all about.

Co-op renews you.  With new mentors, new skills, new perspectives, new confidence.

Just ask my LLM colleagues: Co-op really works!

It’s not news to us, but it may be news to you.

Check out what’s new at NUSL!

My colleague Meredith Joseph and I look forward to connecting with you!

Signed Patrick Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy
Director, LLM and International Programs
Phone: 617.373.8546
Email: p.cassidy@northeastern.edu