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To advance international human rights and environmental sustainability through the use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Northeastern University School of Law

LLM Program Description

Northeastern University School of Law is the preeminent US law school in experienced-based legal education. Our unique approach to training lawyers combines outstanding classroom teaching with simulation courses based on real-world legal challenges, clinical programs working with real clients, and legal placements.

Our LLM program features the best elements of more than 40 years of creating experience-based legal education programs, along with courses specifically designed to give LLM students the foundational knowledge and practical skills they need to become effective practitioners. A rigorous curriculum, exceptional professors and unmatched experiential learning opportunities fuel Northeastern’s one-of-a-kind academic enterprise. As an LLM student, you'll explore advanced legal concepts and tackle real-world legal issues while developing needed expertise in legal research and analysis. Both the general LLM and the specialization in Health Policy and Law feature:
  • A Legal Placement Experience. Opportunities include law firms, courts, government agencies, community organizations, advocacy groups. Each student, in consultation with the LLM director,faculty advisor, and legal placement counselor, identifies personal areas of interest for the “experiential” component of the LLM program.  Two options are available:

Students who choose to take a full year (August - August) to earn their LLM have the opportunity to qualify for an 11-week full-time legal practice experience (we call it a "Co-op").

Students who earn their LLM in 9 months (August - May) have the opportunity to qualify for an 11-week part-time legal practice experience in a setting compatible with the student’s professional interests and goals.

  • An opportunity for Independent Research and Writing under the direction of a Northeastern faculty member. Most LLM students write a paper in conjunction with an upper-level seminar, but those who share a particular interest with a faculty member may work independently in an area they are interesting in exploring.

The general LLM also offers three special courses designed to provide students with the skills and training needed to succeed in a US law school and in global legal practice:

  • Intensive Introduction to American Law (especially for international law graduates)
  • Legal Research for LLM Students
  • Legal Writing for LLM Students

Students have the option to enroll in courses from the first-year and the upper-level law curriculum based on their personal interests and career goals. Students also have the opportunity to specialize in substantive areas, such as corporate law, commercial law, trade law, public international law, intellectual property and international human rights.

Course Offerings

Northeastern University School of Law offers a broad choice of courses across a range of legal fields. As an LLM student, you will have an opportunity to take courses from the regular law school curriculum as well as the option of focusing your studies by enrolling in courses in specific practice areas.

Some of the areas in which you might study include:

•    Business, commercial and trade law
•    Public international and comparative law
•    Intellectual property law
•    Law and economic development
•    Human rights law
•    Health and social insurance law
•    Criminal law
•    Labor and employment law
•    Property law
•    Constitutional and comparative constitutional law
•    Public interest litigation/law and social change

Health Policy and Law Specialization

The Health Policy and Law specialization is designed to meet the needs of lawyers who are working in health policy and law and hope to enhance their skills, or lawyers who wish to enter the rapidly growing field. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, public health challenges, global public health issues, and questions about bioethics, this is a burgeoning field with tremendous opportunities for those with an LLM.

Affiliated with the Program on Health Policy and Law, this LLM specialization allows students to take advantage of Northeastern University's interdisciplinary expertise in health policy and law by taking relevant courses in the D’Amore-McKim College of Business, the Bouvé College of Health Science, and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The specialization in Health Policy and Law combines a core of required courses with a diverse range of health-related elective courses and a capstone legal work experience in a health-related organization or institution. The curriculum provides students with a strong substantive foundation in health policy and law while giving them substanial freedom to choose their own courses and pursue their own work interests.

Electives may include (and are subject to change):

Students in the LLM specialization in health policy and law prepare for a wide variety of practice areas, including representing health care providers and insurers, working for government regulatory agencies, working for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, working for litigation firms specializing in the areas of malpractice law, pharmaceutical products liability law, and toxic tort law, and working for NGOs and advocacy agencies, in the United States and abroad.

LLM + MA in Sustainable International Development

New this year is the opportunity to earn TWO Master's degrees in ONE year:  a Master of Laws from Northeastern and a Master's in Sustainable International Development from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.