2013 Publications

Faculty Co-Director Martha Davis

Assistant Director Mariah McGill

  • “Addressing Human Rights to Water and Sanitation in the Context of Environmental Life Cycle Assessments,” (forthcoming)
  • “Rights-Based Organizing as an Upstream Public Health Intervention” (forthcoming)

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Roger Abrams

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Brook Baker

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Richard Daynard

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Serena Parekh

  • Beyond the Ethics of Admission: Stateless People, Refugee Camps and Moral Obligations.” Forthcoming at Philosophy and Social Criticism October 2013Hannah Arendt and Global Justice.” In Philosophy Compass, Volume 8, Issue 9, September 2013, p. 771-780.
  • Between Community and Humanity: Arendt, Judgment and Responsibility to the Global Poor.” Philosophical Topics, Volume 39, Number 2, Fall 2011, p. 145-163 (published September 2013).
  • Reconciling with Heidegger: Friendship, Disappointment, and Love in the Wake of the Controversy.” Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol. 39, Issue 9, October/November 2013, p. 881-888
  • "Taking Hold of Life: Liberal Eugenics, Autonomy, and Biopolitics." The Science, Politics, and Ontology of Life-Philosophy. Scott Campbell and Paul Bruno, editors. New York: Continuum Press International, 2013, p. 157-168.

PHRGE Affiliated Scholar Visiting Scholar Zarizana Aziz

  • “Culture, Power and Narratives in Domestic Violence” in Maznah Mohamad & Saskia E. Wieringa, eds., Family Ambiguity and Domestic Violence in Asia: Concept, Law and Process (Sussex University Press 2013)
  • “Renewing Faith: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Islam, Identity Culture and Politics, CODESRIA (forthcoming 2013)


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