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Human Rights and the Global Economy SSRN e-Journal

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty and Staff co-edit an online law journal on human rights published by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). There are currently over 385 subscribers and over 5500 papers posted. Subscription to the e-Journal requires an SSRN login.

Human Rights at Home Blog

PHRGE Faculty Co-Director Martha Davis recently launched a new blog on the Law Professors network, which focuses on human rights in the United States and features posts from human rights scholars and advocates across the country. The blog is available here. 

Student Scholarship

PHRGE Fellow Sara N. Kominers ‘15 recently published a report on sexual violence perpetrated again women farmworkers. The report, which is the culmination of Kominers’ fellowship with Oxfam America, provides a comprehensive review of existing documentation of women farmworkers who harvest and pack agricultural goods, the factors in agriculture that heighten their risk and the challenges of finding effective solutions. (View the report)

Faculty Scholarship

Professor Wendy Parmet co-authored a perspective piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled Shifting Vaccination Politics – The End of Personal-Belief Exemptions in California. The article highlights recent willingness of some states to reduce situations of parents legitimately refusing to vaccinate their children and yet still send them to schools or day care centers.

Professor Brook Baker recently co-authored a new analysis appearing in the Health & Human Rights Journal detailing new medical evidence clarifying that access to antiretrovirals early in the course of HIV improves the health of people living with HIV and enables them to prevent HIV transmission. The analysis finds that international human rights and many domestic legal standards require access to early ART for all as part of the communal human right to health, and calls for a rapid reassessment to bring current policies into compliance with core human rights standards. See the article here:

Professor Rashmi Dyal-Chand recently published Housing as Holdout: Segregation in American Neighborhoods at 50 Tulsa Law Review 329-39 (2015). The essay explores three books chronicling the law’s role in fostering and fighting housing segregation.