2013 Publications

Faculty Co-Director Martha Davis

  • “Equality, Participation and the Civil Right to Counsel: Lessons from Domestic and International Law,” Yale Law Journal (Forthcoming 2013).
  • “Shadow and Substance: The Impacts of the Anti-International Law Debate on State Court Judges,” New England Law Review (Forthcoming 2013).
  • “A Strong Need for Civil Legal Assistance,” The National Law Journal, March 18, (2013).
  • “Remarks at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the National Association of Women Judges,” Women’s Law Reporter (Forthcoming 2013).

Assistant Director Mariah McGill

  • “Addressing Human Rights to Water and Sanitation in the Context of Environmental Life Cycle Assessments,” Poverty and Race Research Action Council Newsletter (forthcoming 2013).
  • “Rights-Based Organizing as an Upstream Public Health Intervention” (forthcoming 2013).


PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Roger Abrams

  • “Playing Tough: The World of Sports and Politics,”Northeastern University Press (2013)


PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Aziza Ahmed

  • “Boston Bombings Test Strength of New Muslim Role in American Society,” The National [Abu Dhabi] April 19, 2013 

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Richard Daynard

  • “Stubbing Out Cigarettes for Good,” The New York Times, March 3, 2013. 

PHRGE Affiliated Scholar Visiting Scholar Zarizana Aziz

  • “Culture, Power and Narratives in Domestic Violence” in Maznah Mohamad & Saskia E. Wieringa, eds., Family Ambiguity and Domestic Violence in Asia: Concept, Law and Process (Sussex University Press 2013). 
  • “Renewing Faith: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Islam, Identity Culture and Politics, CODESRIA (forthcoming 2013).


Publications Archive 


  • "UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights: What Lawyers Should Know" 

UN Guiding Principles







  • United Nations Webcast.  "Protecting Women from Violence: Bridging Policy and Practice"

UN Protecting women from violences