Each year, PHRGE Post-Graduate Fellowship on ESC Rights. The Fellowship offers recent law school graduates the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the human rights field while broadening and deepening their network of professional contacts.  PHRGE Post-Grad Fellows carry out research and other programmatic tasks related to PHRGE’s mission.  Current Post-Fellows are carrying out research projects relating to PHRGE's programs on the Right to Health and Large Scale Land Acquisition as well as research following up on the 2013 Institute.

Current Fellows

Sonia Haerizadeh- Health and Human Rights Fellow: With the support of two PHRGE Research Interns, Ms. Haerizadeh is researching the impact of litigation underway in Namibia, Kenya and South Africa to address cases of alleged forced sterilization of women living with HIV/AIDS in those countries.

Seda Akay Onur- Health and Human Rights Fellow: With the support of one PHRGE Research Intern, Ms. Akay Onur is researching possible legal resolutions of conflicts between the right to health and a right to intellectual property, especially in relation to issues of access to medicines.

David Rini- Right to Education Fellow: Mr. Rini is investigating the implications of expanding the cap on charter public schools in Massachusetts on the human right to education.

Casey Shupe- Human Rights Institute Fellow: As a follow-up to the 2013 PHRGE Human Rights Institute, Ms. Shupe is research the legalities surrounding the issue of civil protective orders in a number of U.S. States.

Current Openings

 2014-2015 Post-Graduate Fellowship on ESC Rights