Every quarter, PHRGE awards four outstanding law students the opportunity to participate fully in the legal work of a human rights organization under supervisors who are leaders in the field. Three students work at PHRGE partner organizations, listed below. One student works at an international or domestic human rights organization of their own choosing, with preference given to proposals to work on ESR rights and/or the application of human rights frameworks in domestic litigation. Each fellowship includes a stipend of $3500 and the ability to access PHRGE’s vast network of former fellows. 

Apply to partner organization fellowships through Symplicity—rolling deadline.
Deadline to apply to “Open Fellowship”: October 23rd.

Partner Organizations

Human Rights Law Network (India): Human Rights Law Network is one of the leading human rights organizations in India, with over 100 attorneys conducting impact litigation from regional offices throughout the country. Fellows work out of HRLN’s headquarters in New Delhi on the Reproductive Rights Initiative, which litigates cases involving maternal and child health, abortion access, forced sterilization, and gender-based violence before the Supreme Court of India and various State High Courts, typically pursuing claims based on Indian constitutional law and international human rights law.

Maryland Legal Aid Bureau (Baltimore, MD): Maryland Legal Aid Bureauis a state-wide non-profit organization that provides civil legal services to low-income clients and is the first legal services organization to adopt a human rights framework for their advocacy. By integrating human rights norms, language, and strategies into domestic legal service provision, MDLAB advances holistic change in the lives of poor Marylanders as well as incubates ideas and analysis on how to practically use human rights tools. Fellows work under the Project Director on litigation, training, community outreach, and office systems.

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (Washington, DC): NLCHP acts as the legal arm of a nationwide movement to prevent and end homelessness by pursing impact litigation, policy advocacy and public education.Their approach considers root causes of homelessness, including the shortage of affordable housing, insufficient income, and inadequate social services. Fellows work on various projects, including pressing local housing commissions to embrace the human right to housing, litigating housing issues, and raising US homelessness and poverty issues in international fora.

Namati (Oakland, CA): Namati is a legal empowerment organization that works to build a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance justice. Fellows are part of Namati’s Community Land Protection Program, which works proactively to strengthen communities’ ability to protect and govern their customary lands through an integrated approach that pairs land documentation with processes that promote good governance, downward accountability of leaders, community participation in land and natural resources decisions, and intra-community equity and justice. Fellows undertake extensive legal research and analysis of national land laws and policies in Namati partner countries, and make recommendations on how to best support communities to protect their land.

Oxfam-America (Boston, MA): Oxfam is a leading international development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Fellows work in the Private Sector Engagement Unit, which works to define corporate responsibility to protect human rights, promote socially responsible investing, and advance stakeholder initiatives.

Student Selected Host Organizations:

Action Program for Equality and Social InclusionBogota Colombia

Asia Foundation, Manila, Philippines

Centre for Disability Law and Policy, Galway, Ireland

International Trade Union ConfederationBrussels, Belgium

Peace Tones, Cambridge, MA

Perseus StrategiesWashington D.C.

Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y CulturalesMexico City, Mexico

Rich Coast ProjectCaribe Sur, Costa Rica

Safe Horizon, New York City, NY