PHRGE sponsors various events throughout the year. The main events include the annual ESCR Institute,  the Valerie Gordon Human Rights Lecture, faculty colloquia and webinars.


  • March 28th, PHRGE hosted Congressman James McGovern who gave a talk on the state of human rights in the United States. Following the talk the Congressman joined attendees in some light refreshments and snacks where he generously fielded some questions from guests.
  • March 19th, PHRGE affiliated professor Michael Meltsner recently co-authored an article in The Nation regarding Edward Snowden.
  • March 13th,Beyond 2015: Due Diligence Framework to End Violence against Women," a panel discussion convened by the Due Diligence Project.
  • March 5th, In an article, Prof. Leo Beletsky answers some pressing questions concerning police response to an increasing number of drug overdoses.
  • February 26th, PHRGE Co-Director Martha Davis and Domestic Violence Institute Clinical Supervisor, Margaret Drew are editing a new blog, "Human Rights at Home", as part of the Law Professors' Blogs network. The blog will feature a variety of co-editors writing on human rights and the law in the United States.
  • February 14th, PHRGE Faculty Co-Director, Martha Davis has co-authored a report with the Opportunity Agenda, on human rights and state courts.
  • Winter 2014Former PHRGE fellow, Adam Cernea Clark, is profiled on page 5 of the latest edition of NUSL's law magazine.
  • February 12th, PHRGE FORUM: Nahal Zamani, Advocacy Program Manager at the Center for Constitution Rights presents her research on the powerful psychological effects of violations of economic, social and cultural rights.
  • February 6th, PHRGE co-sponsors and event where Professor Brook Baker discussed human rights and IP extremism in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • February 4th, PHRGE co-sponsors Ya Me Voy (I'm Outta Here)an event where a Guatemalan trans woman and a U.S. Attorney discussed LGBTQ Rights in Guatemala and the use of rights violations as the basis of U.S. Asylum claims.
  • February 3rd, Our own Leo Beletsky , Associate Professor of Law and Health Sciences, offers the following reflection on how future drug overdoses might be prevented.
  • January 24th, PHRGE is delighted to announce that Jootaek “Juice” Lee has become our newest PHRGE affiliated faculty member.
  • January 19thPHRGE Affiliated Faculty Member Aziza Ahmed has published an article arguing against zero-tolerance prostitution laws in Foreign Policy Magazine.
  • January 14th, PHRGE Founder, Professor Hope Lewis will deliver the 2014 Kate Stoneman Visiting Professor Lecture..
  • January 7th, PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Member Professor Roger Abrams blogs about the Sochi Olympics in the Huffington Post.