The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) is overseen by faculty co-directors Professors Martha Davis, Lucy Williams and Margaret Woo, and staffed by Executive Director Kevin Murray and Program Associate, Sara Kominers. Twenty-three additional members of the Northeastern law school faculty are PHRGE affiliated faculty. PHRGE also hosts graduate research fellows and undergraduate student interns.

Faculty Co-Directors

Professor Brook Baker

Professor Lucy A. Williams

Professor Margaret Woo

Professor Martha F. Davis  - on leave


Kevin Murray, Executive Director
Prior to joining PHRGE in 2012, Kevin spent seven years at Kevin Murray Strategic Consulting, where he was Founder and Senior Consultant. He also served for 25 years in leadership positions within a variety of international development and human rights advocacy organizations including Oxfam America, Jesuit Refugee Service, Lutheran World Relief, Grassroots International and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. He worked as a housing rights activist in Boston with City Life/Vida Urbana for much of the decade of the 1980s, and for six years, lived and worked in Central America, primarily El Salvador. His publications include two books (Inside El Salvador and El Salvador: Peace on Trial) a book-length monograph (Rescuing Reconstruction: The Debate on Postwar Economic Recovery in El Salvador) and dozens of published articles on topics ranging from the right to affordable housing in Boston to U.S. policy and human rights in the Middle East. Since his children entered the Boston Public Schools (BPS), Murray has been active in public education advocacy. He writes a popular blog on public education issues from a parent perspective, and recently published a PHRGE article entitled, At What Cost? The Charter School Model and the Human Right to Education. Murray holds a degree in Political Economy from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and lives in Roslindale, Mass., with his wife, Ellen Coletti, and their two children.

Affiliated Faculty  

Professor Roger I. Abrams

Professor Aziza Ahmed

Professor Leo Beletsky 

Professor Lee P. Breckenridge

Professor Richard A. Daynard

Professor Rashmi Dyal-Chand

Professor Peter D. Enrich

Professor Patricia Illingworth

Professor Karl E. Klare

Professor Sarah Hooke Lee

Senior Law Librarian Jootaek Lee

Professor Tiffany Kim

Clinical Professor Margo Lindauer

Senior Academic Specialist Susan Maze-Rothstein

Professor Michael Meltsner

Professor Valentine M. Moghadam

Professor Serena Parekh

Professor Wendy Parmet

Professor David Phillips

Gordana Rabrenovic

Professor Sonia Rolland

Professor Rachel Rosenbloom

Academic Specialist Peter Sessa

Professor Liza Weinstein