The Inequality Institute

The goal of this project is to discern how the richest one-thousandth of the American population accumulated their wealth and to what extent those Americans were "job-creators" or "innovators."  A better understanding of how these actors contribute to the economic system will shed light on how important they are for everyone. Please click here for a more detailed explanation of this project.

Documentary Film

PfP is engaged in a collaborative effort to create a documentary depicting how Islamophobia has hindered efforts at countering Islamic extremism in the United States. The film will give a voice to the injustices suffered by the Muslim, Arab, and Sikh communities and demonstrate how these groups can, in fact, be valuable partners in counter-terrorism. The hope is the by dissolving the mistaken and negative attitudes held by the public we can enable government and law enforcement to initiate partnerships with members of these communities and establish postive relationships with the community as a whole.

Community Center

PfP is the process of drafting proposals to establish a Community Counter-Terrorism Institute. The Institute would provide a neutral forum for both law enforcement and the community to engage in training and education. The facility would include meeting and conference rooms, as well as larger seminar rooms and be equipped to operate a tip hotline in order to assist law enforcement in their counter-terrorism efforts. The purpose of the Institute is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all interested parties to gain and disseminate information as well as foster relationships between law enforcement and the community.

Community Tips Research

Research is being conducted and a paper prepared on the effectiveness of community tips thwarting terrorism. The paper seeks to demonstrate the results achieved when law enforcement and the community work together, as well as to show the impact of what happens when there are no lines of communication. The paper will also provide recommendations on how law enforcement and the community can build stronger partnerships

Virtual Resource Centre on Police-Community Engagement for Conflict Transformation

This online resource center is being developed in conjunction with the University of Birmingham, U.K. The premise of this project is to create virtual forum, on an international scale, where members of the community and law enforcement will be able to engage to explore how to build stronger partnerships and safer communities.

Promising Practices Guide

Read this thorough guide detailing our work and recommendations.

Letters of Appreciation

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