At Northeastern University School of Law, we see law and social justice in a global as well as domestic perspective. Students can combine solid education and practice experiences in domestic law with a range of opportunities in international law and global law, including foreign, comparative, migration, national security and foreign relations law.

Global Law Courses*

Survey and Introductory Courses

International Law (Lewis / Rolland)
Comparative Law: Law, Markets, and Democracy in East Asia (Woo)
Immigration Law (Rosenbloom)
International Human Rights and the Global Economy (Lewis)
International and Foreign Legal Research (Lee)

Specialized Courses
Cross-border Litigation (was Transnational Litigation) (Rolland)
Global AIDS Policy Seminar
International Business Regulation (Danielsen)
International Business Transactions (Rolland)
International Health Law (Ahmed)
International Human Rights Seminar: Race, Gender, Culture (Lewis)
International Intellectual Property Law (Montgomery)
International Trade Law (Rolland)
Law and Economic Development (Danielsen)
Negotiations (international simulation) (Baker)
Public Health Law Clinic (Daynard
Refugee and Asylum Law (Rosenbloom
Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (Ahmed
Rights of Non-citizens (Rosenbloom)

*Not all courses are offered each academic year. Consult the course catalog available from the Office of Academic and Student Affairs for specific information about when courses are offered. 

Global Law Co-ops
Our unique Cooperative Legal Education Program (co-op) allows law students to combine classroom learning with practical experience on global issues in placements throughout the world. Our students go on co-op with international criminal tribunals, global law firms, human rights NGOs, UN agencies and refugee rights centers. Some support humanitarian efforts in post-conflict settings, while others advocate for workers’ human rights in the Mississippi Delta and housing rights in New Orleans. See our international opportunities page for more information about co-ops. PHRGE fellowships are available for certain co-op opportunities in human rights.

Study Abroad
The law school encourages students to pursue learning opportunities abroad by participating in global law co-ops, which give them both practical experience and exposure to substantive legal issues. Students seeking additional specialized coursework abroad should see the Study Abroad Policy and Guidelines in the current edition of the NUSL Student Handbook.

Pathways to Careers in Global Law
There are a variety of paths to a fulfilling career in global law. The Center for Co-op and Career Services also provides individual career counseling, programs on global law careers, links to global law job search websites and a career resource library.

LLM Program
The School of Law offers a vibrant LLM program for foreign law graduates. LLM candidates take classes with JD students from throughout the US and world and obtain hands-on practical experience in legal placements with US employers.

Global Law Advisors
Northeastern faculty members actively engage in global law issues as teachers, advocates, scholars and speakers. Contact our faculty and administrative global law advisors for specific advice on course selection, co-op and career opportunities, and related programs. We also encourage you to visit our full faculty directory and adjunct faculty directory to learn more about their work.

Global Alumni/ae
Our graduates practice international, comparative and migration law throughout the world in law firms, international criminal tribunals, the US Foreign Service and international organizations. 

Programs and Institutes
The School of Law works collaboratively with other institutions to offer interdisciplinary or concurrent- and dual-degree programs that address issues relevant to global law practice, research and advocacy.

Library Resources on Global Law
In addition to the law school’s online Social Science Research Network (SSRN) publication, Human Rights and the Global Economy, our library collection includes a full range of print and online scholarly and practice resources on global law.

Student Organizations
Several student organizations focus primarily on global issues, while others bring in occasional speakers or hold events related to global law.

Visiting Scholars

Northeastern University School of Law regularly invites legal research scholars from around the globe to participate in the intellectual life of the Law School. Visiting scholars enjoy access to Law School and University facilities, including libraries and research databases, and avail themselves of the opportunity to attend faculty colloquia and community lectures and to audit courses. 

Global Law Events
The law school sponsors a variety of speakers, panels and workshops many of which focus on global law issues.