Our rigorous curriculum will provide you with a comprehensive foundation in legal theory and practice as well as the freedom to explore and refine your career interests. You’ll spend your first year diving deeply into the fundamentals of the American legal system, taking required courses such as Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, and Property Law. Through the yearlong Legal Skills in Social Context course, you’ll develop essential skills — from legal research to client representation — and then put them into practice through a social justice community project.

In your second and third years, you’ll have the chance to focus on the topics you find most intriguing and relevant to your future path, choosing from dozens of specialized courses, ranging from International Trade to Employment Discrimination. Every other quarter, you and your peers will delve into real legal challenges for actual clients through co-ops in every field of law and in every corner of the globe, improving your understanding of the law in action and providing valuable context for your academic pursuits.