October 29 - 31, 2015

Beneath the glittering business districts of most American cities lies a distressed urban core. What can be done to lift impoverished neighborhoods out of recession into prosperity? This will be the topic at hand for the second annual conference on legal scholarship at Northeastern University School of Law. Even as American metropolises have begun to pull themselves out of the Great Recession, the neighborhoods at their cores generally remain underdeveloped and impoverished. Entrenched sites of market failure and economic distress, they contribute significantly to the nation’s worsening inequality gap. By examining a range of contemporary models aimed to improve worker participation, financial services, property access, business competition and the development of business and personal assets and wealth, this conference will explore new connections between law and development in the urban core.

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Plenary Speakers: 
Frank Pasquale, University of Maryland Carey School of Law
J. Phillip Thompson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture + Planning

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