Program Description:

The program focuses on a student’s self-knowledge by incorporating a hybrid curriculum that includes a coaching and community involvement project into each student’s personal growth and leadership development plan. The Latinx Student Cultural Center (LSCC) connects each student with a peer coach and an alumni coach, in addition to giving them the opportunity to engage in a community involvement project to further develop the workshop concepts as they learn them in real time.

The two distinctive coaching relationships will help students during their journey of personal and leadership growth as well as offer guidance during their service projects. What makes these relationships unique are the connections the coaches have to Northeastern, whether as current students or alum, they share similar experiences because their personal stories’ resonate with that of the program participant.

Mission Statement (created by student participates):

“Be the Husky you envision yourself to be; motivate yourself to empower others to use their voices in the NEU community.”

Highlights mentioned by past student participants:

  • Interactive & fun workshops
  • Enthusiastic facilitators
  • Interesting & beneficial topics
  • Further strengthen & developed leadership/team building skills
  • Understanding the importance of being receptive to different “types” of leadership styles
  • Build lasting relationships with  peers amongst the program and coaches

Who can Apply?

Undergraduate students, ALL MAJORS


Applications are available here!


For more information about the program, contact Jasmine Ramón at

Workshop Schedule:

Stage 1: Personal Development

Workshop 1: What are your true colors?

  • Topics: Learn about your personal leadership traits and how they are understood by others

Workshop 2: Empower Conference – #StayWoke

  • A daylong conference centered on exploring identity, activism, organizing, and community building beyond online borders amidst the post-election racial climate.

Workshop 3: Find your Zen (Optimizing Qualities)

  • Topics: Time/stress management, academic/student life balance, communication, & conflict resolution

Stage 2: Interconnections between Differences

Workshop 1: Diversity & Global Perspective

  • Topics: Inclusion, global perspective, identifying & understanding microaggressions

Workshop 2: Global Citizenship Project

  • Topics: Cultural literacy and dialogue facilitation

Stage 3: Becoming a Change Maker on Campus

Workshop 1: Power of Community: Student Organizing 101

  • Topics: Tools for effective action-planning, goal setting, organizing tips, & collaboration