George J. Kostas Institute: Rogers Innovation Center

Putting Northeastern Research to Work

The industry-funded and co-located lab research model that we are demonstrating at KRI with the Rogers Innovation Center is a step beyond the traditional license-centric or subscription-centric models that we have used at the university with industry partners in the past.  While those models are certainly important, what we are doing at KRI is establishing different partnership models for a deeper and more holistic research partnership between the university and industry that helps us fully leverage Northeastern’s ‘use-inspired’ research expertise by fully partnering with industry to accelerate innovation into the marketplace

Northeastern University Innovation Campus in Burlington, MA

  • Proximity to high-tech industry on Rt-128 corridor
  • Moderate costs vs downtown Boston locations
  • Space for secure research separate from, but close to main campus

Assets for hardware & software innovation:

  • Space for convening university, industry & government research innovation partners
  • 14 acres and existing buildings create the perfect environment to innovate