The Black Swan scenario on a Toxic Tornado

When a nuclear reactor melts down due to a powerful tornado, deadly contamination rains down on a metropolitan area. It is a warm, humid spring day in Dallas/Fort Worth when strong thunderstorms begin to develop alongside a high-altitude weather system … Continued

IEEE Boston Presents: Nian Sun Lecture

Multiferroic Heterostructures and Low-Power Devices for Sensing, Power, RF and Microwave Electronics The coexistence of electric polarization and magnetization in multiferroic materials provides great opportunities for realizing magnetoelectric coupling, including electric field control of magnetism, or vice versa, through a … Continued

Materials Genome Initiative

The MGI was launched by President Obama to address a significant longstanding national challenge – “accelerating the pace of discovery and deployment of advanced materials – with an inspiring promise to halve the time and significantly cut the cost of … Continued


In the aftermath of a disaster, one of the most important goals is to safely return people to their homes and to timely report losses to the government in order to qualify for federal assistance. The SAP training course provides … Continued