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Select Publications

"The Effects of Corporate Spin-Offs on Productivity," with Thomas J. Chemmanur and Debarshi Nandy, Forthcoming, Journal of Corporate Finance.

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"Heterogeneous Beliefs, IPO Valuation, and the Economic Role of the Underwriter in IPOs." with Thomas J. Chemmanur, Financial Management, 2012, 41 (4), 769-811 (Lead Article)

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"How Does Venture Capital Financing Improve Efficiency in Private Firms? A Look Beneath the Surface," with Thomas J. Chemmanur and Debarshi Nandy. Review of Financial Studies, 2011, 24 (12), Pages 4037-4090.

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"Can CEO Dismissals Be Proactive?" with Mine Ertugrul. Journal of Corporate Finance. Volume 17, Issue 1, February 2011, Pages 134-151.

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"How Do Venture Capitalists Create Value for Entrepreneurial Firms? A Review of the Literature." with Thomas J. Chemmanur and Debarshi Nandy, 2010, (Book chapter in Companion to Venture Capital, Douglas J. Cumming, ed., Wiley)

Working Papers

"Does Financing Spur Small Business Productivity: Evidence from a Natural Experiment", with Debarshi Nandy and Manju Puri.

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"Do Local and International Venture Capitalists Play Well Together? International Venture Capital Investments and the Development of Venture Capital Markets." with Thomas J. Chemmanur and Tyler Hull.

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 "Is it the Investment Bank or the Investment Banker? A Study of the Role of Investment Banker Human Capital in Acquisitions" with Thomas Chemmanur and Mine Ertugrul.

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"Risky Lending: Does Bank Corporate Governance Matter?", with Olubunmi Faleye

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Research in Progress

"The Value of Venture Capital." with Thomas J. Chemmanur, Debarshi Nandy, and Robert Wiltbank.


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