Calculus II for Science and Engineering, Section 01 (Spring 2012)

TA Office hours:


Practice for Exam 1 (give yourself 65 minutes), Solutions, Harder practice problems and solutions, a correction
Exam 1 Solutions
Practice for Exam 2 (give yourself 65 minutes), Solutions, a few more practice problems and their solutions
Exam 2 Solutions...some alternatives: #3 by shells is possible, but not suggested! (this is correct but was the only one even vaguely close that tried shells). If there are more alternative solutions to other problems, they will be posted too.

Final Exam prep: The most important thing is to do every problem on the syllabus. We have done a majority of them in class already, but if you really do all of them then you will have seen every concept that can appear on the final.


Free tutoring is available at the Math/Writing Center, 540B Nightingale Hall (NI). Phone: 617-373-2438 You can sign up for a timeslot or find more information at their webpage.

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