Haverim Fall 2013

FROM THE DIRECTOR: Reflections on endurance

8905347261_75ef06ae2c_b-2In my course on the Hebrew Bible, we have talked about the remarkable cultural endurance of the Bible’s stories and characters. I recently accompanied my students to Boston’s Museum of Science to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition. We marveled at the miraculous preservation of these texts: both the physical scrolls and the Read more…

Northeastern Students Travel to Israel on Dialogue of Civilizations Summer Study Abroad

46This summer, Ruderman Professor and Director of Jewish Studies Lori Lefkovitz led a group of 14 Northeastern students on a summer study abroad trip to Israel, part of Northeastern’s signature Dialogue of Civilizations program.  Entitled “Contemporary Read more…

Israel Dialogue Students Reflect on Their Experience


What did you learn about Israel on the Dialogue trip that most surprised you?

It’s an extraordinarily beautiful and incredibly fun place. Nothing like I had ever imagined Read more…


8903960269_4dda11d569_bInternational Affairs major Sarah Sullivan decided to minor in Jewish Studies after participating in this summer’s Dialogue of Civilizations trip to Israel.  Here she reflects on her experience in Israel, her interest in Jewish Studies, and her plans to enter Read more…

ALUMNA PROFILE: Bryanne Mahoney

Bryanne MahoneyBryanne Mahoney graduated from Northeastern in 2009 with a double major in Jewish Studies and History and an MA in History.  We recently spoke with her about the relationship between her Northeastern experience and her current work at Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies. Read more…

WHY I TEACH THIS COURSE: Prof. Larry Lowenthal’s “Anti-Semitism in 20th-Century American Literature and Film”

lowenthal headshot-1Anti-Semitism is the world’s “longest hatred,” the “devil that will not die.” Although the phenomenon has clearly diminished in the United States, it is rampant in the Muslim Middle East, still dangerous in the former Soviet Union, and experiencing a Read more…

Students travel to Germany and Poland on “Holocaust and Genocide Studies” Dialogue of Civilizations

2'Northeastern students from many disciplines spent five weeks this summer in Germany and Poland to study the history, politics, and memorialization of the Holocaust.  Led by Professor Natalie Bormann (Political Science) and PhD Candidate Read more…

Northeastern Honors Josh Jacobson, Professor of Music and Leader in Jewish Studies

e77170_35b37e2a47218cb5a8b7e6cf32de470f.png_srz_340_315_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzOn November 16 and 17, Northeastern will host a gala celebration to mark Professor Joshua Jacobson’s 40 years as conductor of the NU Choral Society.  Thousands of students who have sung with Jacobson have been invited to Northeastern Read more…

Northeastern Sponsors “The Jews of Egypt” at the Boston Jewish Film Festival

Film Still 01As political and sectarian strife continue to roil Egypt in the wake of the Arab spring, a new documentary depicts another Egypt. It’s “an Egypt where Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists lived next to one another in full tolerance,” the director, Amir Ramses, explains Read more…

Faculty Research and Updates

Debra Kaufman, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, has been appointed as a Research Associate at the Hadassah Brandeis Institute.

Josh Jacobson, Professor of Music, participated this summer in the Zimriya World Assembly of Choirs in Akko, Israel Read more…


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