Combined Majors

Jewish Studies currently offers a Combined Major in Jewish Studies and Religion, in conjunction with the Philosophy and Religion Department, as well as a pre-approved template that can be combined with the templates of other departments and programs to create a wide variety of interdisciplinary programs of study.  We will also consider additional combinations upon student request; contact Jennifer Sartori for more information.

In the Combined Major in Jewish Studies and Religion, familiarity with the world’s diverse religious traditions enhances understanding of Judaism, while in-depth knowledge of Jewish history, identity, and culture provides insight into how religion interacts with other forces to shape the experiences of adherents of a particular faith.  Students who complete the Combined Major will understand the history, culture, and religion of the Jewish people; they will also be able to analyze and apply theoretical understanding to the interactions between religious, social, and historical factors and be familiar with the other major religious traditions of the world.

Students in the Combined Major receive an interdisciplinary introduction to the field of Jewish Studies, followed by courses in Jewish religion and thought, Jewish history, and Jewish arts and culture.  Religion coursework provides grounding in the Bible, central to understanding Judaism and other Western religions, followed by broader coursework in world religion and upper-level thematic courses. Students fulfill their language requirement with Hebrew, and they are encouraged to fulfill their Experiential Education requirement through study abroad or an internship or co-op in a Jewish organization.

Students who complete the Combined Major in Jewish Studies and Religion will be well prepared for graduate work in Jewish Studies, Religion, or many of the other disciplines that make up Jewish Studies, or for work within the Jewish community or in communal organizations associated with other religions.

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