Health Care and Payment Reform

Health Care Reform

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the health care system will undergo significant changes.  Some of these changes are predictable;  access to health care services will improve for millions of Americans.  But some are not.   For example, it is difficult to predict the impact on health outcomes and on cost.  And the situation is further complicated by the unevenness with which the ACA is being adopted across the nation.  The Massachusetts health care reform initiative proves some insights into what to expect since it served as the model for national health care reform.  Northeastern University and the Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice has recruited a number of inside experts from the Massachusetts health care reform effort in order to learn the lessons and to anticipate the likely effect of the ACA on access, cost and quality of care.  The Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice (IUHRP) has several federal and foundation grants to examine the impact of both the Massachusetts and the national health care and payment reform efforts.

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Associated Projects

Innovation in Funding Prevention and Reducing Costs of Health Care in Massachusetts – Robert Wood Johnston Foundation

Lessons learned from the Massachusetts health care reform initiative – CDC and Health Resources in Action

Promoting wellness and linking population health and clinical care – Trust for America’s Health

Understanding the reasons why Latinos are less likely to be insured in a post-health care reform era – Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis and JSI, Inc.

The feasibility of integrating services for the screening and treatment of sexual transmitted infections into primary care sites – CDC and national partners including the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Community health workers as members of the primary care team:  the impact of health care and payment reform and innovative state policy  – Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts