Nicole Schmidt, PhD

Nicole Schmidt specializes in the utilization of quantitative and longitudinal methodologies in order to analyze risky behaviors and mental health during adolescence. She completed her PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice in 2011. Her dissertation examined risky sexual behavior over the adolescent-young adult life course and its effects on the formation and quality of partner relationships in later adulthood. At the IUHRP, Nicole studies the impact of residential mobility on the mental health of youth.

Nicole Schmidt, PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Data Analyst

Phone: 617-373-6161

Selected Publications

Schmidt, N.M., Lopes, G., Krohn, M.D., & Lizotte, A.J. (2014). Getting caught and getting hitched: An assessment of the relationship between police intervention, life chances, and romantic unions. Justice Quarterly, Published online 03 January 2014, DOI: 10.1080/07418825.2013.865777.

Schmidt, N.M., Tchetgen Tchetgen, E., Ehntholt, A., Almeida, J., Nguyen, Q.C., Molnar, B., Azrael, D., & Osypuk, T.L. (in press, 2014). Does neighborhood social capital change over time? The Boston Neighborhood Survey. Journal of Community Psychology, 42(1), 61-79.

Nguyen, Q.C., Schmidt, N.M., Glymour, M.M., Rehkopf, D., & Ospyuk, T.L. (in press). Were the mental health benefits of a housing mobility intervention larger for adolescents in higher socioeconomic status families? Health & Place . Available online 24 May 2013, DOI:

Lizotte, A.J., Phillips, M.D., Krohn, M.D., Thornberry, T.P., Bushway, S.D., & Schmidt, N.M. (2013). Like parent like child? Parental trajectories of offending as predictors of children’s antisocial behavior. Justice Quarterly . Available online 13 March 2013, DOI:

Osypuk, T.L., Schmidt, N.M., Bates, L.M., Tchetgen Tchetgen, E.J., Earls, F.J., & Glymour, M.M. (2012). Gender and crime victimization modify neighborhood effects on mental health. Pediatrics, 130(3), 472-481.