Claudia C. Santelices

Dr. Claudia Santelices has worked on several research projects covering a wide range of topics, including substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and cervical and breast cancer. Her research has had strong emphasis on migrant populations in Connecticut, including Mexicans, Guatemalans, Jamaicans and Brazilians. Prior to joining the IUHR in October 2008, Dr. Santelices was an Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Community Health Research at the Hispanic Health Council in Hartford, CT and Center for Health Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) at the University of Connecticut.  At the IUHR, Dr. Santelices conducts interviews for many projects, including the Men’s Recovery Program, Moving on to Recovery and Empowerment (MORE), the Women’s HIV Prevention Leadership Training Institute (WLTI), Safe and Sound Recovery (SSR), and the Post-Partum Women and Infants Study (PPWI).

Claudia C. Santelices , Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

Phone: 617-373-5566

Selected Publications

Singer, M., Santelices, C., Hodge, D., Medina, Z., and Solomon, M. (In Press). Assessing and Responding to a Community Health Risk: Second-Hand Smoking in Puerto Rican Households. Practicing Anthropology.

Singer, M., Mirhej, G., Santelices, C., Hasting, E., Juhem, N., Vivian, J. (2006). Tomorrow is Already Here, Or Is It? Steps in Preventing a Local Methamphetamine Outbreak. Human Organization, 65(2), 203-217.

Singer, M., Stopka, T., Shaw, S., Santelices, C., Buchanan, D., Teng, W., Khooshnood, K., & Heimer, R. (2005). Lessons from the Field: From Research to Application in the Fight Against AIDS among Injection Drug Users in Three New England Cities. Human Organization, 64(2), 179-191.

Duke, M., Santelices, C., Nicolaysen, A.M., Galarza Rivera, J.E.. Revista (2004). Production and Working Conditions in Shade Tobacco Farm in the Connecticut River Valley (La Producción y las Condiciones Laborales en las Fincas del Tabaco de Sombra del Valle Río Connecticut). Chilena de Antropologia Visual, 3.

Rapid Assessment of Latina Teen Pregancy Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors. Claudia Santelices, C., & Singer, M. (2003). Final Report prepared for the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Santelices, C., Stopka, T., Singer, M., & Nicolaysen, A.M. (2003). Risk and Precarious Dependencies of Puerto Rican “Idus” in El Barrio: An Ethnographic Glimpse. Practicing Anthropology, 25(3), 23-27.