Cathy Wirth, MS

Cathy WirthCathy Wirth is the Project Manager for Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures, an inter-institutional childhood obesity prevention initiative housed at the IUHR. Her research areas of interest include childhood obesity, food security, and sustainable agriculture. Earlier in her career, she worked with organizations that support small farmers in the United States and Central America, received a Fulbright Scholarship to study urban agriculture in Quito, Ecuador, and implemented food access and nutrition education programming in Philadelphia schools through her work with The Food Trust. Prior to joining the IUHR, Cathy was at the Bowdoin Street Health Center, where she developed programming to increase access to healthy food for residents of the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. She also worked with the California Institute for Rural Studies, where she conducted one of the first large-scale studies on food access and food insecurity among California farmworkers.

Her current research focuses on the impact of providing access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity to families in low-income Boston neighborhoods. Cathy received her M.S. in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis and her B.A. in Environmental Anthropology from Swarthmore College.

Cathy Wirth, MS

Project Manager Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Phone: 617-373-7615

Selected Publications

Hoffman, J.A., Agrawal, T., Wirth, C., Watts, C., Adeduntan, G., Myles, L., & Castaneda-Sceppa. C. (2012). Farm to Family: Increasing access to affordable fruits and vegetables among urban Head Start families. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 7(2-3), 165-177.

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