The Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice at Northeastern University offers fellowship opportunities each year for doctoral and masters graduate students who are interested in urban health research.*

IUHRP fellows gain hands-on experience and contribute significantly to IUHRP’s ongoing research. Fellows learn about preparation of manuscripts for publication and how to write grant applications. They also attend research seminars and benefit from mentoring with experienced researchers. Finally, fellows have the opportunity to connect with IUHRP’s vast network of local, national, and international experts on a variety of public health areas.

Typically Student Graduate Fellows receive tuition remission and stipends.

New opportunities will be posted periodically, so please continue to check our website if you are interested in pursuing a fellowship with IUHRP. To inquire about fellowship availability, you may also contact:

Patricia Farrell, Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice, 310 International Village, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 617.373.2022

*Please note that unfortunately IUHRP cannot give awards to students in the College of Professional Studies

Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice

Graduate Fellowship Call for Applications

We are seeking applications for two Student Graduate Assistant positions at the Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice (IUHRP). These students will be working on a project identifying resources that organizations use to address the problem of vicarious trauma among first responders to violence.  First responders include victim services professionals, firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, medical professionals, and others who work with victims of violence.  All are potentially traumatized by the work they do, hearing about the traumatic events that happen to the people that they serve.  The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (VTT) Project will gather policies, procedures, protocols and practices that organizations around the U.S. employ to assist workers in preventing negative effects of the work that they do.  The VTT Project will conduct research to identify and gather these best practices, test the VTT in four pilot site communities, and assemble a final toolkit that will be made available to the public.

Ideally, the students who are chosen will have interests in public health, preventive interventions, community interventions, trauma, violence, victimization, or other related fields. The positions will start in mid-January 2014, and run through December 2014.

The SGA Fellowship consists of tuition remission for up to 12 credit hours per term, a stipend each semester (paid semi-monthly), and health insurance coverage. In return, the student is expected to work a regular and dedicated schedule of 20 hours per week devoted to fellowship activities

The SGA Fellowship will provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience conducting research, learn about research methods, join the vibrant research community of IUHRP, participate in preparation of manuscripts for publication, attend research seminars, receive mentoring from experienced researchers, and meet local and national experts in the field.

Job Description:

The Graduate Fellow will participate in the following activities: gathering of resources via library and Internet-based research and contacting organizations; preparation of research instruments and protocols; data collection, entry and quality assurance, and data analysis; preparation of data reports; and writing manuscripts for publication. The work will mostly take place during typical working hours at the IUHRP offices’ on campus although some of the computer-based research may be done during alternate hours.


Doctoral student applications receive higher priority although we encourage master’s students with a high level of research experience and/or high interest in these fields to apply.

Candidate must be working towards a Master’s or PhD degree, preferably in a field related to the mission of the Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice (for example: public health, sociology, counseling psychology). Past experience working on research projects is required. Spanish-speaking skills are a bonus. Excellent writing skills, library and Internet-based research skills, and communication skills are necessary.

Interested students should submit the following:

  1. Contact information, including phone and email
  2. Curriculum vita (CV)
  3. Academic transcript from all colleges/universities attended (myNEU printout or equivalent is acceptable)
  4. A letter of interest, discussing the following:
    1. Nature of your interest in this position and how it relates to your field of study and to the mission of the IUHRP.  Please disclose if you are a recipient of another scholarship award from Northeastern; the university will only allow a student to accept one award.
    2. Academic training in research
    3. Experience in conducting research, including specific role(s) and skills gained in previous research projects
    4. Specific level of skills related to data management, library and Internet-based research, and writing skills
    5. Specific research skills you would like to gain through your Fellowship experience
    6. Available start date, availability for the 2014 calendar year, including anticipated availability over Summer 2014
    7. Degree you are pursuing at Northeastern
    8. Two papers or reports (published or unpublished) you have written or co-authored.
    9. Letters of reference from researchers whose projects you worked on
    10. GRE scores if you are a first year graduate student (copy/unofficial transcript is acceptable)

Please note that unfortunately we cannot give awards to students in the College of Professional Studies.

Please submit complete applications both in hard copy and by email to

Complete application packets should be sent to:

Northeastern University
Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice
Attn: Patricia Farrell
360 Huntington Ave.
310 International Village
Boston, MA 02115

Please do not send partial applications. Thank you.