University hosts Iraqi health delegation

University hosts Iraqi health delegation

Northeastern University hosted a delegation of Iraqi mental health professionals to share with them the innovative trauma and substance abuse treatment programs developed by the Institute on Urban Health Research (IUHR)—knowledge they can integrate into medical programs in their homeland.

Increased Attention to Women's Health Research

Increased Attention to Women’s Health Research has Yielded Gains on some Important Conditions, but Progress Lags on Others

A concerted effort to boost research on women’s health over the last two decades has lessened the burden of disease and reduced deaths among women due to cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, and cervical cancer, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine. The effort has yielded less but still significant progress in reducing the effects of depression, HIV/AIDS, and osteoporosis on women, added the committee that wrote the report.


Study: The Most Segregated Metro Areas for Students in the U.S.

School segregation, that was so 1950….

Well, not exactly according to a recently released report by Northeastern University.

The report ranks public, primary schools in the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

Violence a lure for foreign teenagers

Apartheid in our schools

When President Obama took office in January 2009, the UCLA’s Civil Rights Project reported that segregation patterns in public schools “were far worse in 2006 than in 1988.’’ Eighteen months later, a new study has shown how much worse the patterns are., supported by the Kellogg Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, has published figures compiled by Northeastern University researchers that found “gross levels of disparity.’’

School Segregation

Study finds widespread school segregation

A new report published by researchers at Northeastern University ranking public, primary schools in the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas finds that New England has four of the top 10 most segregated areas for Hispanic students. Springfield, Mass., is ranked second in the nation behind Los Angeles.

Drug czar takes a look at Boston’s progress

Drug czar takes a look at Boston’s progress

She has walked this path before. “This is my second time around,’’ Yahaira Rivera, eyes intense, told the man in the pinstripe suit. “And my last time around.’’