Residence Halls To Have 100% NUwave Access By Fall 2015

In partnership with Housing and Residential Life, ITS has been expanding NUwave wireless network access within university-owned residence halls. At this time, 28 out of 33 halls have 100% wireless coverage, five of which (10 Coventry, Davenport A, Davenport B, West Village B and West Village F) went live today – May 4, 2015.

The remaining buildings will be completed over the summer and will offer NUwave by late August 2015, in time for Move-In 2015. The NUwave Residential Wireless Expansion Project – Phase II blog post covers the ongoing work and is updated weekly with the progress of the project.

Coming To A Quad Near You – Outdoor Wireless Access
In addition to providing NUwave inside the residence halls, this project includes making the wireless network available outside many buildings on the Boston campus. These new external access points will make it possible to find wifi in the immediate area around more than 15 academic, administrative and residential buildings. Construction will be taking place this summer and details about the new locations will be provided in the September issue of the ITS Newsletter.

Centennial Quad

New Wireless Device Network – NURes-device
Once NUwave is live in your residence hall, you will also have access to a new wireless device network: NURes-device. This network is specifically meant only for devices that do not support 802.1x, and are unable to connect to NUwave – you should still connect your computers and tablets to NUwave for wireless access. It is also important to note that NURes-device is not encrypted, so it is not a secure network.

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Kindle (first generation), Nintendo 3DS, and Roku devices have successfully connected to NURes-device. Other similar devices may connect, but have not been tested. Wireless printers are not supported, and ITS discourages the use of wireless printers in residence halls, as it is possible for anyone on the network to find and use that printer.

Learn more about NURes-device and how to register to connect to it.

Getting Connected
Wherever there is NUwave access, find it in your available networks, and then enter your myNEU username and password at the connection prompt. You will also need to accept the certificate. NUwave only supports WPA/WPA2-Enterprise wireless security. Visit for details.

No More Wireless Routers!
Once NUwave is available throughout the entire building, students are no longer allowed to set up personally-owned routers and/or wireless access points for three main reasons:

  • Additional non-ITS wireless access points in areas where NUwave is offered degrades the service for both NUwave and the rogue access point.
  • It violates the Appropriate Use Policy (AUP).
  • There are security concerns with the amount of personal information that may be leaked from additional access points. Remember NUwave is a secured wireless network.

ITS recognizes that this maybe be a change for upperclassmen, however this policy will be enforced in all residence halls. Failure to comply with the AUP may result in action by ITS, including: loss of network use; referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).

Northeastern guests now get even more wireless time

Almost a year ago changes went into effect for the NUwave-guest network in order to make it more secure. Parents, vendors, friends and anyyone who is not already part of Northeastern can register to get hours of free wireless access at the university without needing to find the nearest Starbucks.

As of April, access has been extended to 12 hours at a time. This means that anyone who is here for a short visit should only have to register for the unsecured wireless network once a day.

So if you have people visiting, either familiarize yourself with the steps in How To: Register for NUwave-guest access, or point them there. This page will walk them through the process, whether they are on the Boston campus, or another Northeastern location.

Reminder! If you are a Northeastern faculty/staff member, student, or Sponsored Account with myNEU credentials, you must sign on to NUwave with your myNEU username and password for secure wireless access. That will get you access not only to the Internet, but also to all of your Northeastern resources. NUwave-guest is intended to provide limited, Internet-only access for people without a myNEU username and password.

There are, of course, other types of visitors. If a guest is going to be with you for an extensive period of time – such as a visiting scholar or researcher, or a lecturer, contractor, or other longer-term guest – please get them a Sponsored Account for on-campus Internet access. If you’re running a conference or event, please read our post Getting wireless access for your conference attendees.

Keeping You Connected – More 100% NUwave Residence Halls

This blog post was originally published in January 2015, detailing the wireless expansion during Fall 2014. For more current information please visit the main NUwave service page and the blog post NUwave Residential Wireless Expansion Project – Phase II which covers work during the 2014-2015 academic year.

West Village H

The expansion of NUwave in the residence halls continues after the big push during Summer 2014. The overall goal is for ALL residence halls to have 100% NUwave access by September 2015 Move-In.

At this time, 19 out of 35 halls have 100% wireless coverage, including Northeastern’s newest building, East Village. The remaining buildings are scheduled for work between now and mid-August 2015. As the project progresses, we are updating the building status chart and project page for Phase II. Bookmark this page to see which building is next.

In order to expedite wireless access, work is being done in occupied residence halls. ITS and Facilities are coordinating on the necessary installation and patch work. While this is a slight inconvenience for those living in the halls, this method allows us to provide wireless access sooner than if we had to wait until a building was closed to upgrade it. Students are notified in advance that work will be happening in their building. All personnel doing this work will be escorted by a Northeastern staff member to ensure security, and staff will knock prior to entering your apartment.

Once the installations are complete and the wireless units tested, NUwave is turned on and students in that building will be notified. This is same NUwave network as exists everywhere else on campus, so there’s no new network to find and set up.

As buildings are transitioned from a “Bring Your Own Router” building to a 100% NUwave building, personally-owned routers will need to be turned off and removed. The existence of additional (non-NUwave) wireless access points interferes with the wireless signal – degrading the service for both NUwave and the rogue access point.

Want to know when YOUR building will be upgraded? Of course you do. Check out the building status chart and project page for Phase II – that is where to find the official word. Please note that this project requires lots of coordination with departments across campus, so dates may change.

We thank you for your patience while we do this work and we look forward to offering you NUwave in additional locations.

PRO TIP: Setting a preferred wireless network

Find your laptop connecting to NUwave-guest and not NUwave? There is a way to modify your computer’s wifi preferences so that you are always connected to Northeastern’s secure wireless network.

Remember if you have myNEU credentials you should only be using NUwave as your wifi network. NUwave-guest is not secured, offers limited access and is intended for guests only.

For Windows 7 users – Lifehacker has a great video and post about configuring your PC to find the preferred wireless network whenever it is available. Be sure to click the link at the bottom for the How-To Geek post, which features step-by-step screenshots.

For Mac users – To set your network priorities wireless network options, click the wireless icon on the menu bar and select Open Network Preferences. In the Wifi section, click the Advanced… button on the bottom right.

Network priority Mac

Drag networks into the order you prefer (top = #1 priority). This is also a good time to delete any unused networks that you may have accessed at a random Starbucks or Logan Airport.

Network priority Mac