TEXPO 2016 presentation

Teaching & Learning Tool Upgrades (5/16)

Spring 2016

Academic Technology Services is upgrading two often-used teaching and learning tools. The Tegrity lecture capture tool now uses a new high-performance hosting environment that improves playback speed and responsiveness, and broadens supported browser configurations. Enterprise Blackboard will be upgraded on May 7, 2016. This upgrade will provide bug fixes and improved embedded video support. Check the Blackboard or myNEU home pages for the downtime schedule.


TEXPO 2016: Technology in Teaching Expo, held on March 15, 2016, was very successful again this year. The purpose of TEXPO is to connect faculty and staff, to provide a platform for them to share their successes with technology in the classroom and offer peer-to-peer mentoring on technology use. Faculty and staff in attendance represented 70 departments around the university. Topics included digital storytelling, open and shared educational resources, Zaption interactive video, mobile photo editing, and social media. Video captures of the presentations and workshops can be found at the TEXPO website: http://www.ats.neu.edu/incubator/texpo-2016/. ATS will be setting the date for TEXPO 2017 over the next few weeks. Please email ats@neu.edu if you would like to participate as a speaker next year.

New ATS Training Courses

ATS is now offering new courses including Technology for Accessibility and Diverse Learning Styles, Online Photo Editors, Mobile Device Photography, Video Editing with Microsoft Movie Editor, and Implementing Digication e-Portfolios. Based on the goals of faculty and staff, ATS also recently facilitated a number of custom group training sessions and workshops. Faculty and staff who are interested in custom training or workshops should contact ats@neu.edu. Current courses can be found on our website: http://www.ats.neu.edu/workshops-seminars.

Lynda.com logo

Lynda.com: New Blackboard Integration

Lynda.com is an excellent resource offering over 4,000 online training courses on a wide range of topics and disciplines to Northeastern students, staff, and faculty. Now, with the new Blackboard integration, instructors can find and load instructional videos from the lynda.com directly into Blackboard courses. To learn how to add Lynda.com courses to Blackboard courses, visit our Lynda.com support page.

Software Seminars

ATS partnered with several vendors to offer special software seminars this spring semester.  Our recent events with MathWorks, JMP and AutoDesk have been successful, and we’re working to add more workshops for the summer and fall of 2016. Check the ATS Special Events page for our complete schedule and registration links.


Lynda.com screenshot

Improve your skills and advance your career with our free courses

Online video-based trainings

As a Northeastern student, faculty or staff, you have access to free online video-based training for over 3,000 courses by going to Lynda.neu.edu or from the link on the myNEU portal.

In 2015, there were an average of:

  • 850 courses viewed per month
  • Over 10,000 videos viewed per month
  • Over 1,400 hours of videos viewed per month

That’s a lot of videos watched and a lot of knowledge gained!

Top 10 Most Viewed Lynda.com courses during Fall 2015

The most popular topics watched ranged from Excel-related courses to various programming languages courses. And there are a lot more topics covering software applications, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as soft skills, such as time management & negotiation skills.

Don’t miss out – check out Lynda.com today! Learn more here.

Instructor-led workshops on the Boston campus

If you can’t find what you are looking for on Lynda.com, there is a select set of instructor-led workshops on a variety of software applications and presentation-related skills for students, faculty and staff from ITS Training. Popular workshops have included Adobe Creative Cloud applications (such as InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), and information on building better presentations. No prior experience is necessary and you can register online. Learn more here.

Lynda.com – Customize Your Training, 24×7

Lynda.com logo

What is Lynda?

Did you know that Northeastern students, faculty and staff have:

  • FREE access to over 3,000 online video courses from Lynda?
  • Topics range from programming languages to business skills to professional development skills

Why is Lynda beneficial?

  • Each video is short, only a few minutes long.
    • Watch them even if you have very little time.
  • Pick and choose the ones that you need or interest you.
  • Receive a completion certificate that you can have posted directly to your LinkedIn account if you complete an entire course.
  • Offers training on different topics as well as specific software applications.
  • Ability to create and assign playlists allows for more personalized learning.

Excel 2013 Essential Training on Lynda.com

Top 10 Most Viewed Lynda.com courses during Fall 2015:

  • Excel 2013 Essential Training
  • Project 2013 Essential Training
  • Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Foundations of Programming: Databases
  • SQL Essential Training
  • Excel 2016 Essential Training
  • JavaScript Essential training
  • Up and Running with Python
  • Up and Running with R

For those of you who have taken the Excel 2013 Essential Training course, you may be interested in some of Lynda.com’s advanced Excel courses:

  • Excel 2013: Pivot Tables in Depth
  • Excel 2013 Tips & Tricks
  • Excel 2013: Advanced Formulas & Functions
  • Excel 2013: Macros in Depth

Lynda.com libraries

Lynda.com has different sections in its Library with courses on different topics and software applications:

  • 3D and Animation
  • Audio and Music
  • Business
  • CAD
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Education + Elearning
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web

Be sure to explore the different classes today!
To access Lynda, go to lynda.neu.edu and use your myNEU username and password to log in.

Want to know more about how you can use Lynda.com? Visit the Lynda.com page on our site for more information, or contact ITSTraining@northeastern.edu.

Get the Most Out of Lynda.com Training

Lynda.com logo

One of the best opportunities you have at Northeastern to improve your software and personal skills is through our partnership with Lynda.com, which is available to students, faculty and staff.

Many of you have taken advantage of this online training resource – we have more than 12,000 registered users, who watched over 300,000 hours of video this past year. You can always access Lynda.com through myNEU or directly at lynda.northeastern.edu, and log in with your myNEU username and password. You have access as long as you are an active Northeastern faculty or staff member, or student.

There are many uses for Lynda.com. Some take courses for their own interest and skill development. Some search Lynda.com to find an answer to a specific technical question, like how to use a feature in Photoshop. On a larger scale, faculty at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business have been assigning Excel courses from Lynda.com to students. This allows them to ensure that students have the skills not only to handle their in-class work, but also to make them more competitive for co-op positions.

One feature added recently to Lynda.com is the ability to create and share playlists of courses or specific videos. For people not familiar with Lynda.com, ITS-Training has created a basic playlist with a course on how to use Lynda.com and some examples of useful content. Just click here and you’ll be taken to log in with your myNEU username and password.

And don’t forget, ITS-Training continues to offer instructor led classes. You can log in, check the schedule and register for workshops at northeastern.gosignmeup.com.

As always, your comments are welcome – email us at training@northeastern.edu and follow us on Twitter @ITSTrainingNU.

ITS Training: Lynda.com goes mobile and more

Lynda.com on the go
Thousands of faculty, staff and students have found using Northeastern’s access to Lynda.com online training a valuable skill building resource. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can go to lynda.northeastern.edu and log in with your myNEU credentials.

For both new and existing users, you can also take advantage of mobile access to Lynda.com. From the Lynda.com front page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Products,” and go to Mobile Apps (or visit the site directly at www.lynda.com/apps). You’ll find both iOS and Android options. Once installed and launched on your device, you will need to indicate your method of logging in is by Web Portal. Type in lynda.neu.edu and, once the Northeastern authentication portal appears within the app, log in with your myNEU credentials. Once authenticated, the app will present you with your Lynda.com account. Your bookmarks, playlists, etc. will all be there. One added feature to mobile access is the ability to download a course for offline viewing. Download and watch where and when you want!

Lynda.com mobile
Log into the Lynda.com mobile app using the url lynda.neu.edu, then enter your myNEU username and password.

ITS Training updates
This fall, you can look forward to ITS-Training providing you instructor-led and online resources to get you up to speed on the new versions of Office we will have available on campus. In addition, you can look forward to our training support for Adobe Creative Cloud. We’re excited for the new technology and want to get you just as excited.