Smart Classrooms – New East Village Spaces and More

East Village is now open, and so are five new smart classrooms. Both large lecture and smaller classrooms are available. Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art software and audio/video integrations to support synchronous and asynchronous learning.

  • 002 East Village
  • 008 East Village
  • 010 East Village
  • 024 East Village
  • 102 East Village

The technology in these classroom is based on the new standard present in the first floor Snell Library classroom wing. To learn more about using the technology in these rooms, sign in to myNEU, go to Services and Links > Teaching Resources > View the Classrooms, and look for Snell Library “Classroom #121.”

Continuing the initiative to create more smart classrooms on campus, the following rooms across campus have been renovated based on the new classroom standard. These classrooms now include an analog-to-digital update, new projector (and possibly new computer), new lectern, audio integration, and new cameras.

  • 140 West Village C
  • 102 West Village G
  • 104 West Village G
  • 106 West Village G
  • 108 West Village G
  • 108 West Village H
  • 110 West Village H
  • 094 Cargill Hall
  • 097 Cargill Hall

These updates enable distance teaching and learning, guest speakers talking to the class through a web conference, and lecture capture.