FACT in Blackboard

The Faculty and Advisor Communication Tool (FACT) is located in the faculty view of each course in Blackboard. Throughout the term, faculty can use FACT to identify those students who are experiencing difficulty, and to notify both the students and their advisors. Advisors can provide feedback to students, record student meeting information, and notify the faculty about the results of the meeting.

Information exchanged in FACT does not appear on a student’s transcript. FACT reports are only used as a method of providing feedback to advisors for early intervention, coaching, and assistance.



Undergraduate day faculty should log in to Blackboard from the myNEU portal or directly at http://blackboard.neu.edu using your myNEU username and password.

CPS faculty should log in to NU Online (Blackboard for CPS) using your myNEU username and password.

Multiple instructors and teaching assistants are able to submit FACT reports for the same course. From the Blackboard or NU Online homepage, click on a course title. Alternately, click on the Courses tab, and then a course title.


Advisors must apply for a Salesforce.com account to access FACT through the myHelp Service Catalog. This application process requires agreement from the departments to pay an annual license fee. As of 2014-15, the fee is $454 per user/per year and is subject to change. Once you have an account, open a browser and go to http://salesforce.com. Use your myNEU username followed by @neu.edu as your Salesforce.com user name, and your myNEU password as the password.

Get Started

During most of the academic term, FACT is found in the Course Tools section of each course in Blackboard.

During time sensitive reporting periods, faculty will see the “My Course Alerts (FACT)” box on the left-hand column will contain a list of your courses that have FACT reports due, with a reminder of the due date.


For additional technical questions or issues, please contact the ITS Service Desk via email at help@neu.edu, or by phone at 617.373.HELP (x4357), referencing FACT in Blackboard or FACT in NU Online.

For more information on FACT in Blackboard, visit the Registrar’s FACT site.

For more information on FACT in NU Online, visit the CPS FACT site.


FACT in Blackboard – FAQs

How To’s

FACT in Blackboard – How To’s

  • How To: Access a photo grid of all the students in a course
  • How To: Notify students and their advisors of academic difficulties
  • How To: Apply for a Salesforce.com account
  • How To: Access FACT in NU Online (video tutorial)
  • How To: Submit a FACT in NU Online (video tutorial)
  • How To: Communicate with an Advisor in NU Online (video tutorial)

Updated August 2014