IBM SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive set of data and predictive analytics tools. In addition to statistical analysis, data management and data documentation are features of the base software.

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Vendor Information: IBM Inc.


SPSS access methods listed below are for academic use only. If you need SPSS for administrative purposes, go to myHelp and click on Software Licensing and Distribution to request an administrative license.

NOTE: SPSS license expires annually in June each year. Software on Northeastern-managed computers will renew automatically. Software locally installed will require user update with a new authorization code which may be found under Software Downloads in the text information for SPSS. (Software does not need to be re-downloaded/re-installed, but authorization code does need to be updated for new annual license each year.)

All users of Northeastern University-owned/-managed/-licensed computers, networks, systems and software, are responsible for being familiar with and adhering to the Appropriate Use Policy (AUP).

Updated July 2014