How To: Move multiple files in SharePoint

There are a few ways to move multiple files in SharePoint, either between two libraries on your site (Windows) or between your computer and your SharePoint site (Windows/Mac). Two simple ways are with Open with Explorer (Windows/Internet Explorer) and Microsoft Document Connection (Mac).

For Windows Computers

If you are on a Windows computer and using Internet Explorer, you can use the Open with Explorer functionality. (Click image for larger view)


If you are not at fullscreen, the Open with Explorer option will only be an icon. (Click image for larger view)


  • Click on your document library.
  • At the top of the window you will see a box that is labeled Library Tools. Click on Library.
  • Within the Ribbon, click on Open with Explorer.
  • This opens the document library in the familiar Windows Explorer view. You can now drag/drop files into this library. To drag files between two document libraries, open them both in Windows Explorer, as described above.

If you wish to always access a folder or library through Explorer, you can drag it to the Favorites in your Explorer window.

Other Resources: Microsoft site – Copy or Move Library Files by using Open with Explorer

For Mac Users

If you are using a Mac, you can upload multiple files from another source (such as your desktop) into SharePoint with Microsoft Document Connection. The Office 2011 Suite comes with Microsoft Document Connection, which essentially allows Mac users to drag and drop files from one place to another. It’s very simple to use.

  • Go to Applications
  • In the Microsoft Office Suite folder, click on Microsoft Document Connection (MDC)
  • Once MDC is open, click Add Location
  • Choose Connect to a SharePoint site and enter the URL of your SharePoint site.


Updated July 2016